Why California Patients Should Renew Their Medical Marijuana Cards 2018

Why California Patients Should Renew Their Medical Marijuana Cards 2018

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, there have been many questions as to whether it still makes sense to have a medical card in 2018. Many patients in California who have medical cards have renewed their cards and are enjoying the benefits they have received all along, but there are those who feel there is no need to get a medical card because marijuana is now accessible even to those without cards. If you are wondering if you should renew medical card California, here are some reasons you should consider before you dismiss the idea to get a card in 2018.

Dispensary access
Although recreational marijuana is legal across California, this does not mean you have full access to marijuana across the state when you don’t have a card. There are different jurisdictions that also weigh in on the legislation of recreational marijuana and there is no guarantee that all cities and counties will give approval for the sale of recreational marijuana.

Some of them have already showed signs they may not license and approve of businesses dealing in marijuana, and this means only patients with cards will be able to access dispensaries and get marijuana. If you have been a patient, you should probably consider medical card renewal as this could shield you in case local jurisdiction fails to give approval to cannabis businesses to trade marijuana.

Enjoy continuity of care
One thing you should be concerned about is falling from your medical care program. It is one of the reasons you should renew medical card online California as you will be protected from changing consumption habits. Having a medical card means you will have continued access to high-quality medical marijuana and other cannabis products, which is something you are not guaranteed to get when you switch to recreational marijuana. The fact recreational marijuana is legal in California should not derail your focus and passion to continue with the treatment you are doing.

Lower age limit
There is a bit of a difference when it comes to age if you consider the age allowed for recreational users and medical users. As a medical user, you can access marijuana from the age of 18 but the minimum age for recreational users is 21 years, which means if you don’t have the card and your age is lower than 21 years you cannot access marijuana.

Save money
This is one of the most important reasons why you should consider medical card renewal in California. The biggest savings are in the taxes that you will not need to pay when you buy medical marijuana products. Recreational users will be required to pay tax amounting to between 14% and 20%, which could see them pay almost twice as what a medical user will be spending to get the same amount of marijuana.

Buying marijuana for recreational use regularly could mean you will be losing thousands of dollars to taxes each year, so to avoid all these losses you should consider getting a medical card, which you can apply online. A medical card protects you as a patient and you will be viewed as any other patient, meaning your access to marijuana will always be free from any form of taxation or additional charges.

Plant, possess more
Unlike recreational users, medical marijuana patients are allowed to plant more. The law states that recreational users can plant a maximum of six plants and can only have an ounce. Medical users are allowed to plant on a space of 100 square feet, which can accommodate a lot of plants. You are also allowed to carry as much as you may deem enough to treat your condition, so when you consider the freedom you get from having a card, it should encourage you to renew your medical card in 2018.

Beat the stigma
There is still stigma surrounding the use of marijuana especially if you do it for recreational purposes. Medical users have a shield in their card and will be viewed as genuine patients who need the medication. You are also not treated in the same manner in the hands of the police, and you will not have problems carrying marijuana. Recreational users are subjected to a lot of scrutiny and will have to go through a lot of processes when they are found carrying marijuana. A medical marijuana card in California makes your life easier as a patient.

Do you need a medical card to buy from a dispensary in California 2018?
Legalization of recreational marijuana in California means you can now walk into a dispensary without a card and you will be allowed to buy marijuana, as long as you satisfy the age condition of a minimum of 21 years. However, having a California medical marijuana card 2018 will guarantee you better access to marijuana and you will not need to spend more due to taxes imposed on recreational users.

How to renew medical card online
If you have been asking how you can get medical card renewal near me, you need not worry anymore as you can now renew your medical card online. There are many sites like purecannmd that offer these services that you can use to get your medical card renewal online after few minutes of evaluation. PureCannMD gives 420 evaluations online and you are promised to get your medical card immediately.

The process is simple as you only need to fill the online form and answer some questions for the evaluation. Once the application for renewal is approved, you will receive a recommendation immediately and a paper recommendation will be sent in an envelope. With the recommendation, you can visit any dispensary to buy medical marijuana, or you can grow marijuana at your home.

Most of the time, the evaluation is conducted via video chat or call, and you are called few minutes after you have submitted your application. The service is confidential and you will be dealing with licensed doctors who will not share your private information with anyone else. Don’t hesitate to apply for a medical card if you don’t have one and the procedure is just like described above for renewal.


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