Inflammation + Medical Marijuana

Inflammation + Medical Marijuana

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Chronic inflammation is a medical condition associated with abdominal behaviors which occurs in the immune system. This problem may harm the body resulting to the damage of the tissue, joint pains and also the organs. There are wide varieties of medicines that have been and are still used to treat the chronic inflammation but one of these medicines that have been tested to be effective is marijuana. Studies show that medical marijuana is powerful and effective in treating the chronic issues, and it also helps in relieving pains in the patient suffering from the inflammation disease.

How does inflammation occur in the body and its causes?

Basically, an inflammation is the process that occurs in the body when one is involved in an injury or a damage to a part of the body. Inflammation is a great reaction which stimulates the immune system to release the bacteria responsible for healing the body. When this process takes place accordingly, the right cells are released in order to remove the damaging tissues thus stimulating the body to start the healing process of the affected area. But, if this process does not take place accordingly such that, the bacteria and the healing viruses do not occur as expected, the immune system reacts against the tissues as if they have an infection thus damaging them instead of healing them.Unlike the acute inflammation which ensures that there is a good balance of the immune system, the case is different from the chronic inflammation since it interferes with the immune system. So, it causes the damage to the body instead of healing it.

Inflammation / Inflammatory diseases.

Some of the diseases that are closely associated with inflammation are;
Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammatory, deformity and loss of function, psoriatic arthritis, and many others. The inflammation also affects the skin whereby it causes swelling, stiffness, and some people report to developing red patches on the skin as well. Other areas of the body affected are the digestive system and other internal organs like the arteries. In the case where the inflammation affects the arteries, it causes the wall to block which hinders the flow of blood. This is quite dangerous as it can cause a heart attack or even cause heart failure resulting in the death of the patient.

How to treat inflammatory diseases.

The people ailing from inflammatory diseases are treated with the use of anti-inflammatory medicines. Sometimes they are administered painkillers to relieve the pains which result from the disease, plus, one may be prescribed various activities and diet as well.

Cannabinoids and inflammation.

There has been a lot of debates revolving around the effect of CBD in people with inflammation whereby a lot of people wonder if CBD does cure inflammation.Well, after several researchers were conducted about the effect of CBD in a patient suffering from inflammation, the report showed that medical marijuana has a positive impact in these people. CBD acts as an inflammatory and at the same time, it is used to relieve pains. Marijuana is packed with two powerful components which are the THC and CBD which works perfectly to heal people with inflammation diseases.

THC and inflammation.

THC works by reducing the development of atherosclerosis which is a deadly chronic disease related to causes of heart attack and stroke. The product also helps to reduce the airway inflammation which is associated with the flu virus.

CBD and inflammation.
On the other hand, CBD is ideal for reducing the chronic disease and it also helps to reduce the lower digestive tract inflammation. In some cases, CBD has been reported to prevent some cancers which results from chronic inflammation.

So, is CBD an anti-inflammatory?

The answer to this is yes. Both CBD and THC have shows to be an anti-inflammatory effect since they decrease the production of the cytokines, and also reduces the activation of the LPS-induced STAT1 transcription factor. CBD assists in accelerating the production and activation of the STAT4 transcription factor. It activates it by surprising the fatty acid aminohydrolase activity.

How to use CBD in treating inflammation.

CBD are manufactured in different forms to treat the different inflammation diseases. For example, if you are suffering from a skin condition, you can use the CBD anti-inflammatory cream on the affected areas. There are other products like the CBD oil brain inflammation which is responsible for healing the brain issues.

Does CBD cure inflammation?

Well, CBD does not cure inflammation but it helps in preventing further spreading of inflammation cells. CBD still helps to manage pain in people suffering from the inflammation diseases.

Inflammatory pains occur as a result of various chronic diseases and to ensure that the patients are able to manage these pains, one is administered the use of the CBD oils. When it comes to the brain, the CBD impacts the receptor CB1 and CB2 which are responsible for arbitrating the pains associated with inflammations.Follow the below links to learn about how to use CBD in treating inflammation and the best CBD extracts for treating inflammations. Explore on the process for  How to get a medical card in California online…/why-does-cannabis-oil-work-so-well-for-treating-inflamation

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