How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card Online in 2018

how to get a california medical marijuana card online in 2018

Getting Your California Medical Marijuana Card Online is Easy Fast and Simple!

How to get a California Medical marijuana card online in 2018: In 2018, you can get your medical marijuana ID online or at any licensed doctor’s office with searching for medical cannabis cards online near me. Your family doctor might prefer you go online as many physicians would like to remain anonymous. Patients don’t have to get an ID card to be covered by California’s Marijuana laws and regulations but the state ID can provide protection against an arrest. Patients can obtain a state ID through the county health department or online. Usually online is a more affordable solution and is faster. The state card system still protects patient’s privacy so you don’t need to worry about anyone tracking you down through the registry system – this is the info for How to Get a Medical cannabis Card Online in California 2018.

California Medical Marijuana Cards Online, See a CA MMJ Doctor Fast!

Having a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis in 2018 will afford you significant benefits, like access to a larger list of dispensaries and at least 14% savings on your cannabis purchases. Click here to get your MMJ  card online with legal medical cannabis evaluations.

How to Get a California MMJ card Online in 2018

How to get a medical card in California easy Online vs in-person recommendation

Instead of searching for a California medical marijuana doctor that you can trust in your area and waiting for an appointment, you can get a valid MMJ cardommendation online within minutes. Finding a cannabis doctor whom you can trust, scheduling for an appointment and having to wait longer than your scheduled appointment, can be a drag and a waste of time. Which is why getting your medical marijuana recommendation online is the best alternative for many. Usually, the online process involves a 5-10-minute video chat and you will be well on your way to receiving the relief you need. It can go without saying that even accessing a doctor online all of your medical information is kept confidential between you and your doctor.

Online is the easiest and fastest way to get your ID card. You only need a California ID and a debit or credit card to apply.

California MMJ Cards Doctors Office

If you have a good family doctor who has experience in medical marijuana you should be good to go. But there are times when your doctor would prefer its patients to go online for various reasons. Sometimes the doctor is not familiar with the process and it could take him or her some time to process your request, or he might not agree with his patients taking marijuana. While some doctors agree with marijuana being an effective medicine they might not want to have documents that show they recommended it. The reason for this is that the Federal Government is still opposed to marijuana legalization and could persecute against doctors in the future.

California mmj Cards 2018

How do you get a California MMJ card recommendation?

To get a marijuana identification card you must be a California resident and be diagnosed with a serious medical condition by a doctor according to the MMIC Program. Whether you get your card online or at a doctor’s office, your medical marijuana recommendation needs to be made by a California Licensed medical marijuana doctors near me. Also, under state law, a physician can recommend cannabis for any symptom or condition a patient has. Medical conditions such as AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines, Cachexia, seizures, severe nausea to qualify. Other conditions that are less serious such as headaches, stress, and anxiety might qualify as well, it all depends on the doctor’s opinion. Once you receive this medical recommendation, you should ask for a printed copy to keep for yourself. If you get your recommendation online, you can also receive a printed copy in the mail. Prop. 64 amended Section 5 of the Health and Safety Code in regards to patients medical information.  The new law also helps patients save money on retail sales tax for medical cannabis, flowers edibles, etc.  You will then need to fill out an application form for the Medical Marijuana Program and submit it to the California county nearest you. You will also need to include the following:

• A copy of your marijuana recommendation

• Legal proof of your identities such as a California driver’s license or government ID

• Proof of residencies like a utility bill or mortgage agreement

Why should you get a California MMJ card online now that it has become legal?

Some patients have questioned whether or not do you still need a medical card now that cannabis is legal in California 2018 – YES!  So there are reasons as to why you get a medical card – There are a few economic benefits to getting a medical card in California that include the following: It helps save sales tax which is applied to recreational marijuana users. The percentage varies depending on where you reside but usually, it is between 5-15 percent. Also, dispensaries usually have sales and offers that are exclusive to medical marijuana patients. Another advantage is that your possession limitation is higher than the 28.5 grams for recreational users. Even though there is no limitation on the amount of possession for medical marijuana patients, it would be wise to keep less than a couple of ounces. As police could arrest you if they feel the amount you have in your possession is excessive. It is also highly recommended limiting what you have on your possession with regard to your local laws, never cross state lines with marijuana in any form or between two legal states even if you have a valid MMJ card as this is considered a federal crime. In addition, a valid MMJ card provides legal protection in other states if you stay within local laws. Though you still cannot carry marijuana across state lines. Marijuana is a schedule I drug and will be treated as such on the federal level until the law changes.  Even good for medical card renewals online!

mmj cards online

How to get a medical card in California online 2018 – 420 evaluation process

All you need is access to the internet to get started on how to get a medical card in California online 2018 visit PureCannMD. Once you log on you will need to create an account and fill out medical forms that are much like the forms you would fill out at your doctor’s office. You will also be able to upload any documentation that you have been given by your family doctor. All of your medical information is kept confidential and private. Once you have completed the forms, the next step will involve uploading a state ID, passport, or any US issued ID. This is necessary to help the doctor confirm you are over the age of 18. You will then be taken to choose a package to purchase which there are two options. One being your doctor’s MMJ cardommendation letter or the second package which includes an extra wallet ID card that can be used multiple visits to the dispensary. Note: most dispensaries require the typical standard doctor’s recommendation to be shown during the first visit. After that, they will accept the medical marijuana ID card on your next visit. After you have finished filling out the documents that are needed and have chosen a package your 20 evaluation can begin. The evaluation for medical marijuana is simple and involves a 5-minute process that includes a video or phone call about your condition, medical history and how marijuana can help your condition. The doctors who conduct these evaluations are friendly, knowledgeable and are familiar with how marijuana can treat many diseases and disorders.

California medical marijuana Laws

The California MMJ rules regulations are is effect.  After you have been approved by your doctor you will get an email with a PDF version confirming your recommendation which you can use immediately. But keep in mind that the majority of dispensaries require a paper copy, so it would be best to get a print out to take with you. Usually, you will receive your official medical marijuana recommendation through the mail in less than a week This recommendation comes stamped and sealed plus your medical card which will be accepted by all marijuana dispensaries in the state of California – check Leafly, Yelp, weedmonster, or weedmaps. Your MMJ card is good for one year so you will need to get it renewed. You should also keep in mind that only California issued recommendations are only accepted in California dispensaries. Though some other states will accept California medical cards. Now with an official MMJ cardommendation, you can safely and legally purchase or order marijuana deliveries online. Patients can also get marijuana deals for weed, 420 vacations, and more.

MMJ Card in California has recently adopted a simpler process which is different to other states through prop 215 where people can now obtain a medical marijuana recommendation online in minutes. This law also permits patients to grow and possess their own for personal use. The only prerequisite is that the patient must have a doctor’s recommendation and be aged 18 or older to apply. You could get a MMIC for a younger patient if you are a Caregiver for a child with a serious medical condition. Caregivers must be aged 18 or older and must be the primary Caregiver for the patient. A primary Caregiver is a person who consistently provides healthy safety and shelter for a person who needs medical assistance. A Caregiver will usually need to take some courses to qualify as a caregiver.


• PureCannMD Online MMJ recommendations– PureCannMD has a great process, service, and people enjoy the experience. PureCannMD has been around since 2008 and the price for getting a mmj card is only $39 for new patients and renewals.The process: First you sign up on the website and upload your medical documents. Once you have been logged into their system you will be able to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Generally, it will take 15 minutes and usually, consultations are done the same day. If you are approved, you will receive a medical recommendation immediately so you can download and the original will be sent via mail.

• This website is for those who live in Southern California and are looking to get a California medical card. One surprising thing about this website is that once you sign up on their website a chat box will pop up and a representative will come on explaining the whole process.The process: Signing up on their website involves a 3 step process and if you happen to get stuck they are right there to assist you. After signing up you will have a consultation with a doctor. After you have been approved you will get a medical card online the same day and the original will be sent via mail in a few days. It takes 20 minutes which includes the evaluation. meets HIPAA requirements and all physicians are California licensed. The price is only 50 which include your appointments and your physical ID card.

PureCannMD- online medical card services serve those who are in the state of California, and they aren’t your standard medical card service provider. Once you have received your medical card you can have marijuana delivered right to your doorstep. What makes  PureCannMD different from other businesses is that they offer a range of services which include renewals, recommendations for new patients, and growers.The process: You will first need to sign up and answer a couple of questions that are provided in the online form to help them determine if medical marijuana is a recommended treatment for you. Once you have finished with the questions and forms you will get a consultation with a doctor. Once you have been approved you will receive a recommendation the same day and the original will be mailed to you. The price for the recommendation only is $39 and a plastic card will cost a bit more.


Restrictions for both medical marijuana users and recreational users

Users are not allowed to smoke where smoking tobacco is not allowed• Users are not allowed to smoke marijuana in public. If you do you could get fined especially if you are near a public park or a government building.• Obviously, users cannot be using marijuana while driving. It is against t eh law to drive under the influence of marijuana. Also, any marijuana that is in the vehicle should be locked away and out of sight. This also goes for passengers as they are not legally allowed to consume marijuana while they are in the vehicle.• Users are not allowed to consume marijuana within 1000 feet of a youth center, daycare, or school• Lastly, users must keep any marijuana out of reach of children and should be treated as any other type of medication and be put away.  patients for online medical cards San Diego, or Fresno medical cannabis evaluations, Los Angeles 420 Evaluations can all obtain 420 cards online!

The future for California medical cards patients

As research keeps coming out with new information and more states continue to legalize marijuana more and more pressure is placed on federal laws. If you are suffering from a serious medical condition and you qualify under one of the recognized medical conditions getting a medical card may be helpful – How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online in California 2018

How to Get a Medical Marijuana recommendation Online in California 2018

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California Medical Marijuana Cards Online

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