Best Ways To Use Cannabis For Treating Muscle Aches And Pain Relief

Best Ways To Use Cannabis For Treating Muscle Aches And Pain Relief

Prominently known as a traditional method for recreational use, cannabis is now gaining
popularity for its beneficial properties. These properties are helping people to recover at a
speedy pace. Most of the cannabis products are even exceeding the traditional pain-relieving
alternatives that take a long time to accomplish its goal. Cannabis has its roots centuries back
when people used it to induce healing benefits. After suffering a period of wavering reputation, it
is yet again emerging as a significant product that is leading the health and wellness industry.
The popularity has triggered an atmosphere of competition among the manufacturers. This very
reason is providing customers with a large variety of cannabis strains and their products.
The health-improving characteristics of cannabis are gradually making an entrance in every
other household. One of the primary reasons for its growth is its use in the treatment of a large
variety of ailments. Surprisingly, even the budget buds are helping people to treat their
prolonged illnesses such as anxiety or insomnia. People suffering from chronic pain of all sorts
are reaping the best benefits of cannabis, and it is also rising as being more than just a
treatment for minor body aches or muscle spasms. It offers its health-improving benefits to treat
chronic pain that can get extremely tormenting without appropriate treatment. There are several
ways through which cannabis works to fight pain and muscle aches. Let's have a look at some!

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How does cannabis work to treat pain?
Cannabis and its infused products are known to treat nausea, headache, spasticity and chronic
pain. The plant of cannabis produces this quality by hundreds of cannabinoids present within it.
Among hundreds of them, the cannabinoid THC and CBD are the best ones that provide
cannabis with the renowned properties that it owns. These constituents differ widely in their

effects, though both possess powerful properties that seem to benefit nociceptive and
neuropathic pain equally. Here's how these two affect your body to relieve pain.
THC: THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive agent in the plant. This cannabinoid is
the key reason behind cannabis, inducing intoxicating effects. THC owns anti-inflammatory
properties that interact with the cannabinoid receptors of the brain. This interaction leads to a
reduction in the level of pain, leading you to feel noticeable benefits with its usage. The
sensation of pain has a lot to do with your mood and attention to the injury. Here, the
psychoactive property of THC works to manipulate your brain into numbing the sensation of
pain by providing you with a mental high.
CBD: CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the plant and is currently a super trendy topic
due to its endless therapeutic properties. CBD also owns anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving
properties. CBD dampens the effect of pain through blocking inflammatory mediators.
Inflammation is our body's protective response to an injury or infection, which can often turn
more painful than the injury itself. CBD, with its anti-inflammatory properties, block the
inflammatory mediators, to dampen the sensation of pain.
Prolonged chronic pain often leaves people with anxiety and a sour mood. Cannabis
surprisingly acknowledges that aspect too. The CBD component of cannabis triggers serotonin
receptors, while it also contains anti-anxiolytic properties. Both these properties work together to
sort out the mental agony that chronic pain brings with itself.

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Ways to use cannabis for different illnesses
The procedures to treat various diseases leave neuropathic pain as their side effects, which are
tough to get rid of for a long while. One would never want to treat the side effect of
pharmacological treatment with another pharmacological product. So, it is only wise to go for a
natural means to treat such pains and muscle aches. The competitive market of cannabis has

provided its users with a large variety of CBD products that are extremely easy to use. Although
a large section of people prefers the authenticity of growing their harvest by buying marijuana
seeds, there are plenty of pre-made products that you can use in many ways to treat muscle
aches and pain.
Arthritis is an age-related concern that the majority of people have to go through. The pain
experienced under the influence of this disease often causes the inability of movement, which
can be extremely disturbing. Cannabis-based products efficiently work to relieve arthritis pain
and also enable the patient to move freely again. Patients suffering through this disease can
use hemp or CBD oil as topicals to directly apply to the affected area. The oil penetrates deep
into the skin to heal the throbbing pain thoroughly.
Parkinson's disease
Tremors are a very common side-effect of this disease, which can worsen the pain all over the
body. The treatment of Parkinson's disease often uses the CBD component of cannabis to treat
pain and insomnia among patients. The sublingual administration of cannabis-infused tinctures
avails highly therapeutic benefits to your body, so you may try it for treating the disease.

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Multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system of the human body. While
the disease induces chronic pain in its patients, it also causes frequent muscle spasms as its
symptoms, which include other concerns too. Cannabis is a proficient medication to treat this
disease. It reduces the severity of muscle spasms through its neuroprotective tendencies that
help in healing the pain induced by this disease relatively well. The patient may use delicious
methods such as CBD edibles to tackle the disease, as the effects last longer than any other

These are a few of the best ways that you can use cannabis to treat pain. There are several
other uses too that you can enjoy once you get the rudiments of this powerful product. You can
preferably grow your cannabis plant or rely on the manufactured products, though the essential
aspect of it is the safe usage. Before adopting the use of cannabis in your lifestyle, make sure to
consult your physician. As much as the product can benefit you, it may also grant you with
several adverse effects from its inappropriate usage. A professional will clear all your concerns
related to cannabis usage and will help you to determine the best strains regarding your

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