Avoid Smoking: Safer Methods Of Giving Marijuana To Pets

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Is marijuana safe for dog or cat pets?

Due to some breakthroughs in the field of medicine, marijuana – long ago considered illegal in so many countries, have been sparking debates left and right regarding its medicinal properties. Recent studies have shown that the plant can be used for pain relief, improve appetite or even treat cancer.

While research of this amazing plant is far from over, some individuals have already considered trying to put the plant’s benefits into good use with pets. And while some have already experienced positive effects, there are still those that have seen little to no effect at all.

Will secondhand marijuana smoke harm my dog or cat?

Indeed, more inquiry on the plant’s medicinal use on pets should be done. But for what little research that has already been made, marijuana can already be used to treat pain, anxiety, allergies, spasms, and other illnesses of our furry friends.

But there are questions that have already surfaced. How do you administer medical marijuana to animals? Can you smoke weed and engulf your pets in smoke? The answer would have to be a big NO. Biologically, humans have a different anatomy than animals.

While marijuana itself is not all the time harmful, smoking in front of your pets would be. Consider a pet whose owner smokes weed (or even cigarettes) daily. That pet is more likely to be in danger than those whose owners do not smoke. This is more dangerous especially if the smoking happens in a closed room as compared to the smoking in a room with open windows.

Remember that pets have more sensitive lungs than humans. Not everything that you intake that is safe to you would also be safe to pets.

The Marijuana Basics

First of all, let’s tackle marijuana for what it is.

One thing that should be clarified is that marijuana refers to the plant. The plant is composed of many other compounds but the two that you should be familiar with are CBD and THC – the former being the component with medicinal effects on humans and animals, the latter being the component with hallucinogenic effects.

And if your veterinarian recommended CBD as a treatment to your pet’s illness, how do you administer it? Here are three ways how:

CBD Topicals for Pets

CBD topicals are, by far, the safest method of administering the compound to pets. It can be given externally in the form of ointments, lotions, creams or even balms. It is through this method that the compound is absorbed through the skin and has proven to be of lesser risk when it comes to toxicity.

Another advantage of using CBD topicals is that it does not directly get in contact with the bloodstream. Because of this, you can have the compound given to your pets as much as you like, for as often as you


However, to have its desired effect, one needs to always apply the topical heavily. There may also be a need for it to be mixed with soothing agents – resulting in relief and calming effect.

CBD topicals work well when given to pets that suffer from skin allergies and/or inflammation. This is also the go-to method when there is a need for regular and constant application of the compound to affected areas.

CBD Tincture for my Cat or Dog

When your pet is suffering from acute pain or if you intend to administer CBD as part of a regular supplement, this is usually the way to go. The reason for this is because you can easily control the amount of CBD that is given to your pets.

CBD tincture is an oil-based mixture with vegetable or glycerine oil. Sometimes, it is also mixed with certain kinds of alcohol. The tincture also comes in bottles with droppers. The dropper is to make sure the right amount of the compound is placed under the tongue for it to be easily absorbed by the body.

CBD Edibles for pets

This one is a bit creative.

Sometimes, pets make it impossible for you to give them their medication. They would seemingly avoid the CBD tincture and may not open their mouths or may even spill the oil-based mixture as soon as it’s put under the tongue.

In these cases, it would be useful to resort to giving them edibles. Edibles are CBD compounds in the form of treats that come in different flavors and shapes.

Some of those that can benefit from these edibles are depressed pets. A common symptom of depression is that it may cause an appetite loss in pets. CBD edibles come in forms and flavors that are tempting and so is a good way to 1) administer medications and; 2) bring back their appetites.

As this is given orally, it is longer to absorb which sometimes results in overconsumption. After feeding pets CBD edibles, one of the expectations is usually that the compound has immediate effects.

You have to remember that it has to undergo a digestive process and so the results may not be immediate. The risk then is that when pet owners do not see any immediate effect, they tend to give another batch of treats. This results in overconsumption of the compound.

It should be remembered that when giving edibles to pets, fur parents need to stick to the recommended dosage.


No matter what kind of method you use, the welfare of your pets should always be on the forefront of your priorities. It should be beneficial, easy, and convenient because, at the end of the day, these furry friends depend on you to make the right choice for them.

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