7 CBD Edibles that can Balance your High

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Taking medical marijuana is quite beneficial. It has been shown to treat different diseases and help manage different health conditions. However, the ‘high’ created by THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) may give you certain undesirable side effects. CBD (Cannabidiol), which is also extracted from Cannabis plants has a counter effect to that of THC.

THC acts on CB1 and CB2 receptors creating a psychoactive effect (the high) in the brain. CB1 receptors are majorly found in the brain and are part of the nervous system. CB2 receptors are found in the immune system and organs such as the tonsils and the spleen. CBD helps to neutralize the effects of THC on CB1 and CB2 receptors thus effectively lowering the high feeling caused by THC.

Below are 7 CBD edibles that can balance your high

1. Espresso Dark Chocolate with CBD Concentrates

If you love espresso dark chocolate, then you will love CBD infused chocolates. This product will balance the high caused by THC.

And the good thing with this CBD edible is that you will be able to take it without anyone noticing that you are under medication. This is important in protecting your privacy and ensuring that you take your daily CBD medication on time. You can carry this product in your car or even put it in your office desk drawers.

2. CBD Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps are one of the favorite CBD infused snacks available on the market. Ginger snaps contain a certain percentage of CBD to ensure that you get the health benefits of CBD while enjoying your snacks. There are several companies which retail these products. Ensure that you have several CBD ginger snaps with you to always pull the ‘high’ caused by THC down and balance the effect. Such a balance is also important as it will allow you to continue with your normal life without experiencing any form of discomfort due to THC intake.

3. Lemon CBD Candies

You can enjoy your lemon candies which have a reasonable proportion of CBD and keep your mind and body balanced. To fully diffuse into the candy, the CBD undergoes several purification processes before being mixed with the candy-making ingredients.  Plants grown from best quality cannabis seeds have a good ratio of CBD and THC, thus the CBD from such plants is of the finest quality. These quality-check processes ensure that the final product is wholesome, tasty, and has the right proportion of CBD Concentrate.

4. CBD Zinger

It’s possible to add a certain percentage of CBD into a zinger. There are companies which make CBD zingers for those who wish to benefit from the positive health effects of CBD or those who are using CBD to manage various health conditions. You can even make this at home. For this, you need to grow cannabis plants at your home. You need to ensure that you shop for the best quality cannabis seeds and follow the best method of cultivation to obtain Cannabis with the right proportions of CBD and THC.

There are different extraction techniques which you can use to extract CBD and THC from the plant. In fact, you can get simple recipe steps which will help you make high concentrate CBD and THC products such as shatter. With this, you can prepare your snacks and include a small proportion of CBD into the snack.

5. CBD Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce is meant to be spread on pizza. These days there are CBD infused pizza sauces available on the market. These products are available in different medical and natural remedy stores. Always be sure to read the packet to check the amount of CBD contained in the package and the direction for use. This will help you to track the amount of CBD you are taking and ensure that it matches with the medically recommended ratios.

6. CBD Mango Juice

If you love fruit juice, you can opt for mango juice infused with CBD. You will not only benefit from the nutrients contained in the mango juice but also the positive effects of CBD. The demand for these CBD edibles is consistently increasing but the supply of CBD and THC extract is yet to match the demand. You can take advantage of the legalization of marijuana and start growing Cannabis for personal or for business purposes. The only difficult stage is the germination stage, so make sure that you research properly before starting your own marijuana cultivation. Read up about the germination process and the management of the plant while young.

7. CBD Infused Water

Bottled water can be infused with different nutrients. These may include minerals and vitamins. It’s also possible to infuse CBD into the water through a special industrial process. This water is clearly labeled to show that it contains a certain percentage of CBD supplement. CBD water has been shown to have multiple body revitalization effects. This could be suitable for people who are into extreme physical exercise.

There are multiple CBD edibles which can balance your high and pull down the psychoactive effects of THC. Go for the edibles which are in line with your dieting program. It’s also important to choose edibles which work harmoniously with CBD to boost your health and vitality.

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