What to expect when you visit a local Santa Cruz medical marijuana dispensary

California approved the use of medical marijuana within the state back 1996. Medical marijuana is used to bring relief in medical conditions like, but not limited to, chronic pain, cancer, arthritis, seizures, nausea, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, insomnia, menstrual pains, and depression. Extensive research has not yet been done on the long term effects of medical cannabis because of restrictions from the government. Each state that has accepted the use of this drug to treat illnesses operates under their regulations on how to go about distribution and prescription.


In Santa Cruz, California one of the states in which medical cannabis can be grown, distributed and sold in Santa Cruz medical marijuana dispensaries, there are various ways to go about acquiring the drug.


Medical marijuana card

To be able to obtain the medicine from dispensaries in Santa Cruz, you need to be having a medical marijuana card. Licensed physicians or a 420 doctor can issue the medical card.

If you feel that you have an illness that requires you to seek medical marijuana as a treatment, the first step is to get the card and for you to get the card, you’ll need to do a 420 evaluation. The 420 evaluations in Santa Cruz should be done by a California Board- certified doctor. This appraisal ascertains that you are in need of medical marijuana as treatment. It can be done by physically visiting the doctor or online, just make certain that the sites you visit are authentic.


After the assessment has been done, you can proceed to get the card. With the card, you are able to legally access treatment through medical marijuana.


Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Once you have done your 420 evaluations and have equipped yourself with a medical marijuana card, you can proceed to visit a clinic in Santa Cruz and get your medicine. You can visit the store with the card and also some form of identification like your national identification card or your driver’s license. Also, make sure that the dispensary is licensed to sell medical marijuana. You can do this by asking the pharmacist to show you the approved state license to purchase, distribute and sell the medicine.


Medical marijuana comes in various products that are sure to be found in licensed dispensaries. The products include; cannabis oil, dry flowers, baked, edible cannabis (muffins, cookies, and brownies), tinctures, topical and balms, vaporizers, and cartridges, recipe and concentrates. These offer a wide selection for the medical marijuana to be administered. The pharmacists should present the options to you and recommend the best one to use depending on the kind of ailments you have.


If you are not able to get to a physical dispensary due to the severity of the illness, you can opt to have the medical marijuana delivered to you. Santa Cruz medical marijuana delivery is a thriving business and efficient to make sure that you get the medicine securely to your doorstep.

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