What Are Some Effects of High-THC Cannabis?

What Are Some Effects of High-THC Cannabis

High-THC Cannabis can induce a range of unique side effects in people just the same way medications do. But generally, these side effects manifest in people in different ways because every user is unique. Nevertheless, it is still important to familiarize yourself with all the potential side effects of consuming THC especially if you’re a new user of cannabis.

Avoiding the unpleasant side effects of using THC

There are a few things you can do if you want to enjoy THC without subjecting yourself to the risk of potentially experiencing unpleasant side effects.
The first step to dodging these unpleasant side effects would be to try a strain that is high in CBD. These include strains like Cannatonic, ACDC, Canna-Tsu or Harlequin. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, and can also help in curbing the deadly side effects of consuming THC. Consequently, this will lead to a more relaxed and joyful experience.

If you must consume THC anyway, begin with small doses because adverse side effects only set in when you consume THC in heavy doses. You could do this with one or two puffs. In fact, this would be sufficient enough to trigger a state of happiness in your mind.

If you are sensitive to smoking or cannot use edibles for some reason, consider investing in an oil-filled vape pen. A vape pen is ideal for people who want to control their dosing, and at the same time enjoy the effects of taking cannabis. It is also ideal for the older segment of the population who may want to use cannabis for one reason or the other.

A 5mg dose of THC is sufficient for you when consuming it for the first time. This can be consumed responsibly while you gradually step up your dosing to the ultimate pleasure zone. But remember that dosing should be adjusted according to the level of side effects you are experiencing after taking puffs.
Finally, stay hydrated to avoid the adverse effects that could potentially manifest in you as a result of using THC.

Some side effects that you should expect out of consuming cannabis strains with THC

(a) Paranoia and anxiety
The worst known side effects of consuming high doses of THC are paranoia and anxiety. While some people are wired to experience high levels of anxiety as a result of unique brain chemistry with cannabis, others are generally fine with moderate doses until they increase it to heavy doses. With heavy doses of THC, exaggerated side effects will manifest in form of paranoia or social anxiety. But on the other hand, small doses tend to relieve anxiety which can be a good thing to people who are generally anxious.

Nevertheless, if you are prone to experiencing these side effects of cannabis and would want to keep enjoying it, the best way to combat cannabis-induced anxiety is by implementing the tips mentioned above.
Finally, a suitable location for smoking cannabis also helps relieve the anxious effects of THC. So find a comfy place where you can smoke it alone or in the company of your friends.

(b) Dry, red eyes
Another known potential side effect of cannabis with high levels of THC is dry and red eyes. As a matter of fact, this is the number one sign that will give you away to people who suspect that you are a heavy user of cannabis. Thankfully, eye drops have been developed to combat these side effects. But does this mean that there is no alternative to eye drops?

First of all, dry red eyes can develop as a result of the smoke irritating your eyes. Secondly, it may result from an allergy with cannabis (although this is rare).
While one benefit of using THC is that it lowers your blood pressure, it also dilates blood vessels in the eyes, and this often leads to redness in the eyes.
Thankfully, the redness can be combated by taking lots of water. You could also use eye drops in case the smoke is the reason why your eyes are getting irritated. But don’t make it a habit because some eye drop brands can lead to further irritation with prolonged use, and this could lead to more dryness.

(c) Extreme appetite or lack of it

THC can stimulate a part of your brain that is associated with hunger or appetite. This often results of an excessive urge to eat everything in big quantities. But on the other hand, cannabis can kill your motivation to eat. So unless you generally have appetite issues, you should consider both extremes a side effect.
(d) Dry mouth
Consuming strains of cannabis with high levels of THC can lead to a very dry mouth. The reason why this happens is because THC contains anandamide, a chemical which is known to bind to saliva glands, thus preventing them from doing their work. And because this cannabis strain has a very strong affinity to these receptors in the mouth, that dryness will be exaggerated.
The only way to deal with common-mouth (dry mouth) is to consume small doses and take lots of water. Chewing gum will also do the trick.
(e) Sleepiness and lethargy

These side effects depend with the strain. Indica strains generally induce sleep. On the other hand, cannabis strains with low levels of THC are generally considered ideal for daytime use or when sleep is not required. In addition to this, you could also try tea or coffee that is induced with cannabis.

(f) Impaired memory

Impaired memory is a potential side effect of consuming high-THC strains of cannabis. Although this problem is often temporary or short-lived, it can get in the way when trying to get tasks accomplished. It would certainly interfere with cognitive tasks as well.

High-CBD strains of cannabis are the golden rule of thumb if you want to avoid this dreaded side effect. Dose low and slow if you want to maintain your memory and cognitive abilities. Supplement with vitamin B and gingko biloba if possible.

Less common side effects involve headaches, respiratory problems, dizziness among others. Also, if you’re on medication, you should speak to your doctor concerning the potential adverse effects of cannabis interacting with the drug. In short, smoking responsibly by first knowing the potential side effects is the only way to enjoying the ultimate state of serenity that cannabis can bring without doing damage to yourself or the people around you.  Patients can get a California medical marijuana card online for high thc or cbd strains.

What Are Some Effects of High-THC Cannabis?

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