The power of marijuana in helping insomnia

The power of Medical marijuana in helping insomnia

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Insomnia, a sleeping disorder that affects many people across the world; sometimes you may not notice because it may affect you for few days and you go back to normal. Insomnia makes you find it difficult to sleep at night, and during the day you fell too weak both physically as well as mentally. If you always have problems in sleeping at night, but you feel sleepy during the day, you might be suffering from this chronic disease. Anxiety, irritation and mood swings are feelings you will face once you’re suffering from insomnia. Scientists and doctors after years of research realized that cannabis has some components that help a lot in the treatment of this chronic disease.

What causes insomnia?

The insomnia is mainly caused by either psychological or physical factors and in other cases medical conditions also another cause. Here are common causes of insomnia;

• The circadian rhythm disruption –once you interrupt your routine you are likely to have a sleeping problem or insomnia. For instance, once you change your working method to a night shift, then your body will adapt to sleep during the day, and at night it will be difficult to get sleep even if you don’t go to work that day. The changes in weather conditions from the one your body is used to, like altitudes or even environmental noise.

• If you have psychological problems like depression, psychotic or anxiety disorders you then likely to suffer from insomnia and if you don’t control the problems the disease could become a big problem to you.

• Health conditions –when you are sick or feeling a lot of pain and suffering from chronic diseases like heart disease or arthritis among others sleeping becomes a problem to you. In most case, the constant disease patients suffer from insomnia.

• In ladies sometimes there might be a shift in the estrogen hormone during menstruation which if happens it causes insomnia.

• Other factors lead to suffering from insomnia like pregnancy, genetic conditions or overworking your mind at night since once you are active a lot is challenging to fall asleep.

Types of insomnia

There are two main types of insomnia which are;

1. Primary insomnia
Some environmental factors like a lot of noise, change in weather or altitude may make it difficult for you to sleep because your body system is yet to adapt to the new environment. Mostly the problem affects regular travelers who keep on changing their environment. The lack of sleep due to environmental factors is primary insomnia.

2. Secondary insomnia
The insomnia is secondary once caused by health conditions, medication or psychiatric issues that making you lose sleep at night. When you are sick, sometimes it’s hard to sleep because of the pains you are feeling.

What are the symptoms and signs of insomnia?

Every disease comes with signs first before it takes roots when medication does not occur in good time. To know you might be suffering from insomnia you will have the following symptoms;

• Once you feel a lot of sleep during the day but at night you are struggling to get sleep then go for a checkup quickly since it’s the first sign of insomnia.

• Fatigue, people suffering from insomnia feel so weak during the day even when they have not been working.

• Forgetting quickly, once you start suffering from insomnia you realize you forget things so fast even something you have recently been hearing you forget.

• Concentration problems, it’s hard to concentrate when you are suffering from insomnia since you have so many things like stress or pains that your brain is paying a lot of attention to thus becoming difficult to pay attention to common life issues.

• You develop irritations, feeling annoyed by everything or being moody is another sign that you might be suffering from insomnia and you should seek medical attention immediately you develop this problem.

How is marijuana necessary in the treatment of insomnia?

The treatment of insomnia has not been an easy task to doctors since is a chronic sleep disorder caused by environmental or medical factors which is difficult to avoid for a human. However, scientists and medical scholars in recent years discovered the components present in marijuana that excellently help in solving the insomnia problem. The medical marijuana is useful in the following ways;

• The medical marijuana relaxes the brain and body making it easy to fall asleep, once you use the drug your mind relaxes, and you possibly forget the troubles you have since the brain is no longer that much active. The components present in cannabis increase make you have a comfortable sleep are cannabidiols or CBD.

• The presence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in the cannabis plant discovered by scientists from the University of South Carolina in the United States of America is instrumental in controlling and treatment of chronic diseases like insomnia. The component also treats the root diseases that cause insomnia like arthritis, diabetes and many other diseases.

• Patients who use the medical marijuana enjoy deep sleep one of the leading advantages that come with the drug with almost zero side effects, unlike sleeping pills. Cannabis is the best shortcut to get enough sleep when you have problems in sleeping.

• Medical marijuana is a natural drug meaning its cheap and relatively available since you can plant or find it in the farm use it and immediately start enjoying the therapeutic benefits. The drug works naturally without undergoing any form of possessing.

• The only perfect insomnia medication is the medical marijuana other drugs only help in controlling the illness, but marijuana heals insomnia and its ailments totally. Instead of wasting money buying over the counter drugs when you have insomnia just look for medical marijuana and upon usage with time you get comply well and insomnia come a thing of the past in your life.

Insomnia in some people is not permanent, and sometimes it comes depending on the situation and goes away after solving the problem. However, in other cases, the prom mam persist, and that needs medication to get well. Medical marijuana should be good news to the insomnia patients since through the tests done by doctors and scientists it has no doubt is the best cure for the problem. Women especially those with menopause are most vulnerable to insomnia, but the illness can affect anybody. Once you feel you have the signs above seek medical attention and if you realize you have insomnia consider using medical marijuana for quick treatment.

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