The Emerald Cup – Just What Is It?

The Emerald Cup

Anyone remotely familiar with the Emerald Cup Santa Rosa and what it’s all about is by now aware that the entire event revolves purely around cannabis, just like all other CA marijuana events. Unlike many similar events; however, the Emerald Cup places a huge emphasis on contests and competition. While you’ll still find many of the things you’d expect in cannabis conventions of all sorts (such as public performances), the Emerald Cup is likely best suited toward marijuana smokers with a taste for competition. Though, others may still enjoy certain parts of the celebration, such as the live music by well-established artists from around the world.

What Kind of Competition Awards Can I Expect?

It goes without saying the contest winners are awarded with cannabis-oriented prizes. Typically, you can expect to see marijuana buds/flowers, CBD oils, topicals and edible marijuana products. These may be geared toward either CBD or THC-dominant products, some of which may be completely made of CBD, giving medical users some relief without much of the high that typically accompanies marijuana products, though prizes which cause a high will be in high supply.

What Other Entertainment Will I See at this California 420 Event?

Expect to see a wide variety of public performances. This may include informational and educational speeches regarding marijuana and the politics surrounding it, celebrity appearances and a variety of musical shows featuring everything from rock to rap to tribal music. No matter what type of music you listen to, there’s sure to be an artist which appeals to you in some way or another.  There may even be a possibility  to get CBD massage.

Where Is It?

The Emerald Cup is held in the Sonoma County Events center in mid December on a yearly basis. While this year’s installment may be a while away, booking tickets early should be considered essential for those seeking guaranteed admission for a relatively low price.  other California events is the High Times Cannabis cup in san Bernardino 2018.

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