Ten things Seniors shoudld Consider When Using Medical Marijuana

Ten things Seniors shoudld Consider When Using Medical Marijuana

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Times are changing and the 21st century is fast embracing things that were previously perceived as a taboo, and a good example is marijuana. Gone is the era when marijuana was associated with drug addicts and depressed people who looked for a channel to use to put reality at bay as more and more states continue to legalize the use of marijuana primarily for medical purposes. However, even as the world embraces this magical plant, people in their golden ages are kind of reluctant to the change, but their hesitations are justified considering they lived in an era where marijuana was associated with all the cons in the society. That is why we have compiled a list of 10 things seniors should know about medical pot so we can help enlighten them on the benefits and also why they should embrace CBD oil elderly.

1. Medical marijuana is not physically addictive

The main reason why most seniors are reluctant to embracing medical marijuana is that of the fear of ending up as addicts. You can use it on a regular basis and quit anytime you want without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. According to most senior stoners, whenever they discontinue they undergo similar effects as people who quit using coffee. Thus it is not addictive, and there are no withdrawal effects. Therefore they can easily stop using medical weed just like they do with any other prescription.

2. You don’t have to get high

Among things seniors should know about medical marijuana one of them is that it is not addictive. Reason being, just like many other plants, pot is made of different components, and two of the main ones are THC and CBD. THC is the component which causes people to be high and addicted while CBD oil California does not. This second element is what is included in medical marijuana, and it boasts a lot of medical benefits without causing addiction

3. Helps them clear their medical cabinet

Old age brings with it a long string of chronic conditions which force seniors to be on heavy medication. For instance, diseases such as arthritis, anxiety, Alzheimer, high blood pressure and digestive disorders are just but a few of the conditions which come with old age. Thus a senior’s cabinet is always full of different prescription. Fortunately, they can now smile as CBD for older people has myriads of healing properties and treats all the conditions that we have just listed and many others such as insomnia, constipation and many others. Thus they will not need all the other prescriptions because medical marijuana will help them deal with all the conditions at once. What’s even better is that medical marijuana accentuates the effect of their medicines so it is easy for your body to adapt.

4. Safer than most prescriptions

One of the questions that most people who want to take the senior stoner path ask is if it is safe and yes it is safer than most medicines so they can feel comfortable when they decide to make the change. As mentioned above, most seniors are on a massive medical order and most of the time they experience many side effects from the vast array of medicine they take. But with CBD for older people, they do not have to worry because it has minor or no side effects depending on the person using it. And according to research, no one has ever died from overdosing; thus it is way safer than most prescriptions
5. Inhalation is not the only way to use it

Most older adults avoid medical weed because they don’t want to be seen smoking and here lies another thing senior people should know about medical marijuana. It comes in many non-smokable forms which they can opt for. For instance, there is hemp oil for elderly people which they can use in different ways. CBD oil California can be used as a tincture or edibles such as crackers and chocolates, or they can go for chewy gummies which contain the CBD component. In fact it can be added to their favorite baked products during the baking process.

6. Good for your brain

Thanks to the fact that they have seen many people go insane due to the use of marijuana, the elderly are usually afraid that CBD oil California will impair their judgment and also affect their brain. That is, however, a myth, and as a matter of fact, it has a better effect. According to a study conducted on people suffering from Alzheimer marijuana had the effect of stimulating the creation of new neural pathways and consequently heals the impaired brain parts. Thus it is good for your brain and does not affect the IQ.

7. Good for your appetite

It is common to hear relatives of senior citizens complain about how low their appetite is. Another thing seniors should know about hemp oil for elderly folks is that it also acts as an appetite stimulant. Thus helps increase the senior stoners’ appetite and as a result, their bodies get stronger again and can fight against any diseases and old age conditions.

8. Arthritis reliever

Arthritis is one of the leading problems which most older adults experience and they are always on medication for it. They can now sigh with relief because again, medical marijuana is the answer. There are plenty of creams infused with the herb which they can apply to the sore muscles and joints for relief. They will not get them high plus they are combined with other sweet-smelling ingredients for a better experience.

9. Edibles and pacemakers

Since we have listed eight things seniors should know about medical marijuana, we also must let them know about edible and pacemakers. Unfortunately, even with all the benefits which come with medical marijuana for senior people, it’s also essential that they know edibles and pacemakers will not work together. For those who do not know, a pacemaker is an implant added to a person’s heart when their heartbeat is either too fast or slow, and it helps control it. Usually, any form of medical marijuana has the effect of increasing the pulse and there have been misconceptions that using edibles will not affect how the pacemaker works. Although edibles have a lesser impact on the pacemaker in comparison to smoked ones, it is crucial that you get advice from your doctor before taking any step.

10. No bad press

Times are changing, and the bad press which previously surrounded medical marijuana is quickly fading. Medical weed is now the new black and any senior using it or who are planning to use it, should not be worried about being stigmatized or judged. It is quite normal now, and they can now experience a healthier and happier golden age without the fear of stigma and bad press.

In a nutshell

Hemp oil for elderly people is the way to go for seniors. It is not only safe, but also helps them get rid of the massive prescriptions that they get from their doctors. Additionally, all the bad press that once surrounded it is quickly fading and that adds even more reason for them to lead a healthy life.  Seniors can discuss getting a 420 evaluations for a medical marijuana card recommendation in California.

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