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Seizures & Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz

What are Seizures?

Seizures involve episodes of disturbed brain functions that can cause significant changes in an individual’s overall behavior or attention span. Typically, seizures are caused by electrical signals within the human brain that are abnormally excited. Exactly how severe the symptoms are can vary, ranging from simple staring to severe convulsions, all the way to losing consciousness.  Luckily, patients  can see a California medical marijuana doctor online from home, office or parked car for new or renewal medical marijuana cards.


Medical Marijuana and Seizures / Epilepsy for Santa Cruz Patients

There are all sorts of symptoms that are related to seizures; however, it all depends on which particular areas of the brain are involved. Most types of seizures typically cause an overall loss of awareness, while others can cause the body to twitch and/or shake. Some symptoms can include the following:


*Changes in consciousness, causing you not to remember a certain amount of time

*Loss of muscle control, which can lead to falling

*Twitching muscles

*Tightening and/or tensioning of the muscles that can cause various parts of the body to twist


Studies show that seizures affect nearly three million Americans of all ages, and that costs for treating them directly and indirectly can reach $15.5 billion annually. Currently, there is no actual cure for this issue; however, various types of medications can help to prevent them, provided they are taken on a regular basis. These medications can generally control seizures in approximately 70% of those who suffer from them; however, this leaves the remaining 30% without any kind of relief whatsoever. Additionally, many of these medications come with side effects that include the following:


*Slurred speech


*Double vision


*Hyperactivity (mainly in children)

*Weight gain


*Inability to sleep


*Gum dysplasia

*Mood changes

How Medical Marijuana can Treat Seizure Disorders

Medical marijuana is one treatment method that has been shown to provide a great amount of relief to those Santa Cruz patients who have been suffering from seizures as of late, whether it’s taken alongside other medications or on its own. Those who have seizures, yet aren’t able to tolerate more traditional medications, have stated that medical marijuana has successfully helped them to control their seizures. A study conducted in 2003 revealed that the ingredients found in marijuana and the main cannabinoid receptor protein that is naturally produced in the human body are both able to play a major role in controlling spontaneous seizures; however, it was also stated that more research needed to be completed.  Seizures are usually treated a CBD cannabidiol high indica type of train, product, or vaporizer.  Patients – children and adults can possibly benefit from CBD oils to help control epilepsy / seizures.

Furthermore, medical marijuana doesn’t contain any of the more serious side effects that are traditionally found in many anti-seizure medications. In fact, many of the side effects associated with medical marijuana have been officially classified as being low-risk in nature, with the most common being euphoric mood changes.

A majority of states that have legalized medical marijuana have listed seizures as one of the issues that the drug may be used to help treat. If either you or someone that you know is currently suffering from seizures, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We will be happy to connect you with hundreds of doctors around the country, as well as in your own state, in order to ensure that you are in full compliance with all local and state laws regarding medical marijuana.


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