Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana

Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana

Marijuana also known as cannabis has many promising health benefits and that has really changed the sphere of medicinal practice. There are many health disorders that can be treated using marijuana and that is the reason why the government of California has approved it for specific medical conditions. But it should be noted that this treatment and obtaining Santa Cruz medical marijuana can be done only under the guidance of California Licensed physicians. In some serious situations patients can grow and purchase marijuana for medical purposes after possessing State-issued license under the Prop 215 Rules.


Cultivating of Marijuana in Santa Cruz

It is very clear that only certified people and caregivers have the authority to grow marijuana but it also have set parameters set forth by the Santa Cruz medical marijuana ordinances. They can’t possess more than 8 ounce of dehydrated marijuana or six mature marijuana plans. In rare cases authorities can allow them both dried and six fully grown plants or 12 undeveloped medical marijuana plants and even more depending on the condition of patient. The caregiver should be more than 18 years of age and the patient should come under S.B. 420 grant. There are special Santa cruz medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis evaluations doctors that will prescribe the medical marijuana and then only they can purchase cannabis from store. In case they are manipulating law they will face serious charges that can lead to fine or imprisonment and in many cases: both. In order to provide you better understanding we have come up with recent updates in this arena. Learn more about recent ban on Santa Cruz marijuana cultivation.


Medical Marijuana Program in Santa Cruz

Currently there are many changes that are happening frequently with the Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Program and to make sure that only patient should use cannabis government have started implementing laws on monthly basis. To avoid serious criminal charges you should fullfill all the requirements that department of health service or department of justice have listed. After meeting the criteria you can start using marijuana and can purchase and grow marijuana at your place.

Qualification of Santa Cruz medical marijuana

  • You should possess valid Santa Cruz ID proof that states you are Santa Cruz residence. In case you are from other state then you should possess passport, additional photo ID that shows your proof of residency (bank statement, utility bill).
  • You must have genuine medical records from physician that describes your complete diagnosis.
  • You should be above 18 years old and in case minor aged then attended by guardian/parents.
  • You must possess medical marijuana recommendation from licensed doctor with clear statement that you will gain benefit from medicinal marijuana.
  • There are various situations and medical conditions that can eligible you for medical marijuana and these are –
  • People that feel Anxiety in various situations
  • Arthritis patients
  • Cancer of various stages
  • Side-effects of cancer therapy (Chemotherapy)
  • Chronic pain
  • People that have AIDS or HIV
  • Glaucoma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Major or minor migraine
  • Radiation or radiation therapy side-effects
  • Impotency
  • Hypertension
  • Alzheimer
  • Various other medical conditions (Check complete medical marijuana list)
  • Hence, you should go through from all the laws and medical conditions well before opting for medical cannabis to avoid serious legal issues.

    Santa Cruz Marijuana Patient Qualifications

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    Santa Cruz  CA Medical Marijuana Laws

    Explore California’s Full Medical Marijuana Laws to increase full particular information of California’s lawful cannabis rules.

    Santa Cruz  CA Medical Marijuana Cards

    Discover how to acquire an Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Card with our manual for California’s state medical marijuana ID program. Find out how to find a marijuana doctor in various cities in California for a medical marijuana cards evaluation.

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