PureCann Marijuana Doctors goes Mobile now offers online 420 evaluations for medical marijuana cards

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Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Doctors offers cannabis evaluations, cards, & recommendations to local patients at their parked car, home, office, or hotel – 100% online!

If you live in the Santa Cruz County, you can now get a medical marijuana recommendation without leaving your home, office, or hotel.

PureCann medical marijuana doctors launched a new service Mobile Marijuana Doctors App. The service connects people with doctors who can make the recommendation, and provide the documentation, required to qualify for medical marijuana use in the state of California.

PureCann’s Medical Director says the goal of the new service, which is available in Santa Cruz County, Los Gatos, San Jose, and Santa Clara, is about making cannabis more accessible to patients who can benefit from the medication and providing education to patients.

“People still think you have to go into a medical clinic to get evaluated, it’s not that way anymore.  The online process is EASIER & CHEAPER – it just makes sense”, says PureCann’s Medical Director.

medical marijuana doctors

Patients can fill out the home sign up form at https://purecannmc.greenlifedocs.com/homesignup.

download the PureCann Mobile web app at http://www.purecann.com/purecann-mobile-app-santa-cruz/ and send an email to supply their address and PureCann sends a doctor and medical assistant to their door. Appointments are same day or next few days and each examination takes between 15 and 30 minutes. If the doctor decides a recommendation for marijuana is appropriate, patients pay a flat fee of $39. Those who don’t get a recommendation are not charged. Some patients explore other doctors like San Jose podiatrists, or dentists, chiropractors etc.

PureCann Cannabis MDs also offers renewals — medical marijuana patients typically need to get their recommendations renewed each year — which can be done at the patient’s parked car office, or hotel for a fee $39.


All PureCann Cannabis MDs have a deep understanding of how cannabis is used to treat various conditions, down to which strains, applications are most appropriate for specific ailments, and the methods of use.



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