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Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking Weed

The Genius pipe is the latest invention to be used when smoking cannabis and has been developed so as to resolve many problems that are...

Opioid Abuse Rates Lower In States With Legal Weed

Legal Medical Marijuana Lowers Opioid Abuse Rates According to a recent report that was published by Castlight Health, the crisis involving prescription opioid addiction is not...

Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

What Is Ankylosis? Ankylosis is a condition that is associated with the stiffening of a joint due to the abnormal adhesion and rigidity nature of...

Parents seek cannabis CBD oil to Treat Kids

CBD oil (cannabidiol, extracted from marijuana) for kids Albama’s governor, Robert Bently has signed a bill which allows individuals with devastating medical conditions to use cannabis CBD oil....

The Innovative Cannabis Tampon by Foria Relief

Cannabis Tampons Historically, women have turned to heating pads, baths, dark chocolate and even Vicodin to ease period pains. Now, women can add Cannabis tampons...

The California Cannabis Business Conference – October 22–23, 2018 Anaheim, CA

The California Cannabis Business Conference – What Where When As California’s leniency on the use of marijuana and marijuana extracts (hash, oil, etc.) grows, so...

Mood Disorders and Medical Marijuana

​Explore the usefulness of medical marijuana for the treatment of Mood Disorders mental illness While past studies have linked marijuana use to a higher risk of anxiety,...

How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card Online in 2018

Getting Your California Medical Marijuana Card Online is Easy Fast and Simple! How to get a California Medical marijuana card online in 2018: In 2018,...

Marinol vs. Medical Marijuana Comparison

What is The difference Between Marinol and Medical Marijuana? If you are not informed or you’ve limited knowledge about medical marijuana and Marinol, it can...

Medical Marijuana in Retirement Homes

With advanced age, most people have a declined health. This is one of the reasons why seniors suffer from conditions such as anxiety, depression and...

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