Pregnant Women and Medical Marijuana

Pregnant Women and Medical Marijuana


Pregnancy is something that is very sensitive which is why expectant women are highly recommended to watching what they eat, drink and not to smoke. That is because it can have adverse effects on their health as well as that of the infant. Women are all aware that eating edibles while pregnant should be done with utmost care considering the guidance and recommendations of a professional. This is where the debate on pregnant women and medical marijuana comes in as there seems to be a sharp divide in the scientific world with regards to effects of marijuana on pregnant women.

In this article we are going to debunk this craze for marijuana use which has permeated even to pregnant women who for medical purposes or otherwise still use or abuse marijuana.

The Trend With Marijuana

To set things straight, we have to consider the fact that just because something is legal (or becoming legal), should not translate to it being safe and more so during pregnancy. Considering the legalities of marijuana expectant mothers at times ask will they take may baby if I test positive at birth? Testing positive to THC (psychoactive substance in marijuana) is not a measurement of a mothers aptitude or mental faculties to raise a child. Also marijuana is both legal and illegal making it more of a paradox. Its use among pregnant women has risen substantially especially in first world countries such as the US. With the challenges and stresses in our society, we all seek for an escape or ways to ease our nerves and it seems like smoking bongs while pregnant is not a big deal which it is. Some may ask can you get high while pregnant? the answer is a resounding YES. This is because smoking weed has certainly become a tempting way for women to get over the challenges that comes with carrying a baby such as aches, pains, and morning sickness among others. However, it is important to relay on scientific research on this matter to have an in-depth understanding of the implications of marijuana use in pregnant women.

Research on Marijuana Use While Pregnant

After slaving through numerous research published on scientific journals such as pubmed, it became certain that there is very limited research on the use of marijuana during pregnancy. Some researchers have pointed to the fact that the effects of smoking weed cigarettes while pregnant can cause lower birthweight or premature birth. But some research also shows that cannabis isnt a causative agent of issues with birthweight or premature labor. On the other hand, there was no conclusive research on CDB oil and pregnancy. What is apparent from this research is that it is confusing, but at least they are clear that pregnant women should use marijuana if recommended to do so by a physician.

Not Just a Plant But a Dangerous Plant

There are no explicit warnings that marijuana is NOT safe for pregnant women. However, a lack of warning should not be loosely translated to something being safe. For example, many medical agencies dont give warnings about say consuming a petroleum product or eating a raw banana either. However, more and more expectant women use medical marijuana without considering conclusive scientific studies or consulting a physician. They do not know when to stop smoking weed when pregnant with some claiming that marijuana is nothing more than a plant therefore safe. So are the likes of hemlock and tobacco which are plants too.

Bottom line is, the mere fact that marijuana may be legal does not mean it should be used during pregnancy. Similar to consuming raw shellfish, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, the use of marijuana especially for expectant mothers should be approach with similar caution.

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Pregnant Women + Medical Marijuana

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