Placerville Medical Marijuana Cards at Dry Diggings Festival 2017 are helping patients obtain a California medical marijuana card in Placerville via onsite 420 evaluations at the third-yearly Dry Diggings Festival, being held Saturday and Sunday, September 2-3, in Placerville, California, at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.

The 2-day, 25-band and 4-DJ music, outdoors and way of life celebration will likewise highlight exhibitions by Don Carlos, The Expendables, Barrington Levy, Dilated Peoples, Common Kings, Long Beach Dub All stars, Sammy J, Orgone and Tomorrows Bad Seeds. Dry Diggings will house an intelligent seller town, on location outdoors and a pre-party skateboarding rivalry, alongside lessons being hung on September 01 at the carnival on location skate stop, with day-of recruits at 10am and rivalry starting at 1pm. The opposition will have striking skateboarder judges.

Furthermore, an on location 215 zone is accessible to MMJ  card holders.  Patients can also renew or get a new 420 evaluation for a Placerville medical marijuana card onsite!

What is a Placerville California medical marijuana card renewal and why do you need it?

Once the use of marijuana was legalized in Placeville California and passed under Proposition 215 and senate bill 420, all doctors were given the authority to recommend the use of medical marijuana which is done through diagnosing the patient before prescribing. So when the doctor approves you to receive the treatment, you can quickly acquire the treatment from any dispensary in California. The recommendation letter or the 420 card that you receive usually have a limit time of one year of which you are expected to renew so you can continue to make your purchases.


What is the easiest alternative way of getting medical marijuana in Placerville California and at the Dry Diggings Festival?

Well, thanks to the new technology of getting the 420 card renewed online whereby you don’t need to queue to have it renewed. The process is fast and easy, and you get to do it while seated on your couch. All you need is to show up and  register with the PureCannMD services and you will be ready to either renew your 420 cards or get a new one.

Pre-party and after-party ability will be reported on August 14. Tickets and outdoors bundles are accessible online at

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