Is Medical Marijuana Effective for Nausea and Vomiting?

nausea and vomiting and medical marijuana

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Over the years, thousands of people have used medical marijuana to treat an extensive array of symptoms the common ones being: pain, inflammation, and lack of appetite/vomiting/nausea. It is one of the reasons that it comes highly recommended for patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy and the ones who have HIV/AIDS. It helps to relieve the symptoms with minimal side effects, and numerous medical studies reveal that it does a better job than most pharmaceuticals in the market.

Cannabis works in different ways to treat nausea, and one of them is giving people appetite. Ingesting weed can make a person feel like eating and most importantly keep the food down. Its’ powerful appetite stimulant abilities go years back before people started taking it for medicinal purposes as smokers would often get the “munchies” which is a situation where a person feels extremely hungry. Taking the drug helps individuals not to experience muscle wasting and rapid weight loss. Appetite stimulation is part of a mechanism that is governed by the endocannabinoid system in the body which can be supplemented by cannabinoids from outside sources like medical marijuana.

Worth noting is that some cannabis strains have proven to be more efficient at treating nausea. For instance according to anecdotal reports the Durban Poison a South African Sativa strain is especially effective at reducing and in most cases eliminating nausea. Other examples of sativa strains include Trinity and Sour Diesel. Indica options to explore when a person wants to kill nausea are MK Ultra, Sensi Star, Purple OG Kush, Blackwater, and Mango. An individual can also opt to use hybrids which can get the job done such as Jellybean, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Dutch treat, White Fire OG, Deadhand OG and SFV OG.

To understand better how cannabis comes to play, it is vital to comprehend that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a major role in regulating various processes in the body like transportation of nutrients, energy intake, and metabolism storage. The human body naturally produces cannabinoids. When a person ingests medical cannabis, it also offers the body cannabinoids that helps the systems to function well. It is because they work on receptors and activate various body functions including pain sensation, memory, mood, and a healthy appetite. Note that food intake in the central nervous system is regulated by ECS activity. When a person is hungry, the ECS will send a message to the brain to help to control appetite. It informs the limbic system ( a place that controls emotions) that is it time to get something to eat.

Individuals can explore different methods of taking medical marijuana when they need to get relief from nausea and vomiting. Vaping and smoking are popular options as opposed to ingesting capsules or edibles. It is because the edibles take long to take effect (around 45 minutes to a couple of hours) which may be too long to wait for a person who is not feeling well. Individuals who want to avoid smoke to use vape pens or tinctures that produce rapid results.

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