Muscle spasms and medical marijuana

muscle spasm medical marijuana

Explore How Medical Cannabis Can Help Muscle Spasms

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Almost everyone experiences muscle spasms from strained muscles to foot cramps. Some disorders and illnesses can trigger muscle spasms ranging from painful to uncomfortable. Curing these illnesses and muscle spasms causes may involve the prescription of traditional medicines. Sometimes common treatment may fail to lessen muscle cramps in some patients. That is where medical marijuana comes in as an alternative treatment.

What are muscle spasms?

These are involuntary contractions of the muscles that may trigger great pain. For example, when the spine’s facet joints get injured, the muscles that support the spine may spasm. This may cause limitation in motion and low backache.

Symptoms of muscle spasms
The symptoms of muscle spasm usually depend on the relative muscle and the situation resulting in spasm – sometimes causing neck pain. The symptoms include:

Muscle ache
Onward leaning posture
Tension in the muscle
Tightness in the chest

Back pain

Medical marijuana benefits on muscle spasms

Medical cannabis is getting a popular alternative. It is a more efficient and natural substitute for muscle spasms. According to studies, marijuana efficiently decreases the intensity and frequency of contractions, as well as in patients identified with numerous sclerosis.

Best strain for muscle relaxation?

Wondering whether it is indica or sativa for muscle spasms? Well, indica and sativa are all types of marijuana but very different. Indica has high CBD and is suitable for relaxation, sedation, and pain relief. It also reduces anxiety and nausea. Sativa, on the other hand, has low CBD and is ideal for relaxing muscles, relieving pain, and stimulating appetite. Picking the best strain for muscle relaxation ought to be discussed with your medical cannabis doctor. Always, keep a record of the strains you try and their effects on you plus the general disposition. This can help your physicians determine which strains work best for you.  This is why patients prefer to have medical marijuana card but need a medical marijuana evaluation for the 420 weed card.

Treatment for muscle spasms

If you are looking for an exceptional treatment for muscle spasms, consider using CBD oil for muscle spasms. Cannabidiol for muscle spasms is safe, and a handy way of easing the symptoms. This is because CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory; it reduces inflammation. While you can use pharmaceutical relaxants to treat the spontaneous muscle contractions, CBD muscle relaxants can also be a good alternative.

Spasticity CBD

You can also use CBD oil for spasticity to treat your muscle defects. Spasticity happens after the motor neurons in the brain, develop a lesion. It may be due to stroke, multiple sclerosis, or prenatal thrombosis. CBD have potent anti-inflammatory properties. This helps it to decrease the T-cells effect in the brain. The effects together with the CBD tendencies of pain-relieving and anxiolytic make it a good option.

Apart from injuring yourself, some of the causes of muscle spasms include dehydration and lack of nutrients like magnesium. Also, some diseases such as multiple sclerosis, can as well come with unceasing spasms and pain. Although most individuals use cannabidiol oil to ease the pain, there is need to understand cannabidiol. If you are having a hard time treating your muscle spasms, you can order CBD oil online through pharmaceutical TX.  Some patient wonder – do I still need a medical marijuana card in California in 2018?  The answer is YES1

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