Methods of Use to Consume Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana methods of use

When it comes to how you can consume your medical marijuana, you have a wide selection of methods, some of them not so popular yet effective. While many purists stick to vaporizers and smoking, you could explore new methods of consumption that will help to revamp your experience. Don’t just be restricted to traditional consumption methods as you could try one of the methods discussed below.

Better innovative medical marijuana consumption methods
If you are looking for better consumption methods for liquid cannabinoids, these could come in handy. See how you can break from the monotony of smoking and vaping when consuming medical marijuana.

1. Tinctures
Tinctures are a great choice when you have liquid marijuana for pain and could help you take your dosage better. Basically, a tincture is concentrated medical marijuana that is prepared by mixing it with alcohol. The solution gives you a great way to consume medical marijuana, and with this you are able to regulate dosage. Besides consuming tinctures orally, you could apply on your skin if you are after healing a part of your body that has pain and inflammations.

The solution is channeled directly into your bloodstream and the effect can be felt within few minutes, so patients who are suffering from pain have the best rescue in tinctures owing to the quick response the solution gives to the user. This method is extremely efficient and gives you a perfect clue on how to use medical marijuanato derive the most benefits.

Tinctures are excellent when it comes to delivering MMJ essentials because they have all 80 of the most essential cannabinoids found in medical marijuana. They are the best choice for children who have MMJ cards because the methods of administration is simple and the user does not get the psychoactive effects that other methods induce.

2. Patches
Patches are laced with marijuana and affixed to the skin. They work in similar manner as nicotine patches and release measured amounts of medical marijuana into the skin, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. You can have the patch throughout the day to allow the liquid cannabinoids to get to the bloodstream gradually. Patches are able to penetrate through the 7 layers of skin thereby delivering systematic relief. The best part about using patches is that once you put one in the morning, you will not need to keep remembering to add dosage. This makes patches perfect for forgetful persons who would like to benefit from medical marijuana.

3. Topical application
You might be wondering and asking “how do I use medical marijuana topicals?”Topical application includes the use of creams, oils, salves, and lotions that are absorbed through the skin. Topicals offer localized relief and are suitable when you have painful joints or inflammation and soreness.

The benefit is that they are non-psychoactive, so they are often selected by patients who are after medical benefits without getting cerebral euphoria that comes with different other delivery options. Topicals can be strain-specific meaning you can get one that contains the elements you need for the particular ailment you want to address.

4. Edibles
Edibles are also an interesting way to consume marijuana that anyone can try. How do I use medical marijuana edibles? This is simple; edibles are just foods that are prepared with marijuana that you can take like any regular meal. These could include cakes, cookies, or even your usual food. Edibles are available for sale if you cannot follow some of the recipes available that could help you prepare at home. They are just as tasty and edible as any other food you prepare at home, so you may not realize any difference in taste if the food is prepared well, and in most cases the taste is enticing so you will not lose your appetite.

5. Teas
You could also try marijuana tea, which is a traditional remedy that is used in different cultures across the world. THC is the main psychoactive element in marijuana, but it is not water-soluble. Drinking cannabis tea is a good way to take medical marijuana and helps you to break the monotony of relying on the same method of consumption. You can add your <a href=””>marinol liquid dosage</a>in tea for more effectiveness.

Other methods
Of course there are more methods that you could try that are not mentioned above. The one you choose is dependent upon your needs and preferences.

How is inhalants administered?
Inhalants are basically vapors from marijuana that you inhale when you want to achieve a “high” or gain from the medical properties of marijuana. To gain from this method of consumption, you need to look for the healthiest vaporizer, which should help you accomplish the goal. You also must learn how to choose vaporizers so you can know what’s the best thing to smoke out of.

Is getting a medical card in 2018 worth it?
Yes, you still need a medical marijuana card in California 2018. The reasons for this include better dispensary access since the legalization of recreational marijuana is still at the mercy of local jurisdictions, which means some counties and cities may prohibit the sale and consumption of recreational marijuana within their boundaries. Another reason to get a medical marijuana card also gives you protection in the sense that you cannot be harassed by officers while carrying marijuana. Most importantly, you will not pay the taxes recreational marijuana users are subjected to.

Methods of Use of Cannabis / Medical Marijuana

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