Medical Marijuana and Sleep – 5 Things to Consider

Medical Marijuana and Sleep insomnia

Cannabis has been shown to treat a number of ailments, and one of the interventions you could get from consuming marijuana is when you cannot sleep. It helps to kick out insomnia and even if you have the most stubborn insomnia, you will find its remedies suitable. While many people know that medical marijuana helps to treat sleep disorders, there is still a lot more that many consumers don’t understand. These five facts about medical marijuana and its relationship with sleep should enlighten you about the substance and its uses.

1. THC and CBD impact sleep differently

There are many strains of marijuana including those that are able to get you high (low-CBD and high-THC) and those that don’t (low-THC and high-CBD). These strains affect sleep in different ways and before you consume any you should understand what to expect. According to a study conducted in 2006, it was observed that psychoactive marijuana compounds affected the user by increasing alertness when lights are on and there was no noticeable effect when lights are off as the user slept. The conclusion arrived at pointed that CBD might give people with somnolence some therapeutic promise.

2. Cannabis may encourage better breathing

Individuals with sleep apnea (a condition in which breath is obstructed in lapses that last up to several minutes) can also find a solution in medical marijuana. Sleep apnea will make you to wake up several times in one night, and this means you might not have enough sleep. Studies have shown that THC has the ability to restore respiratory stability through the modulation of serotonin signaling. When you routinely take medical marijuana before sleep, it could help to stop sleep apnea.

3. Aged marijuana makes you fall asleep faster

As cannabis ages, THC gets converted to cannabinol (CBN), and this compound is more sedating by up to five times compared to THC. Old weed could be used to make medicinals that will get you to fall asleep faster. But due to the slow formation of CBN, you might have to wait for a long period of time to collect any. Some people even keep their marijuana up to three years for it to form enough CBN to achieve the effect. You could still look for people who sell old cannabis to feel the effect.

4. You can maximize the effect of marijuana by adding natural sleep remedies

You can easily ready yourself to go to bed using medical marijuana, but if laced with some natural sleep remedies, its effect is further enhanced. You will achieve a more restful night if you add some sleep remedies to your medical marijuana. This inclusion makes more powerful the sedation effect. Some herbals like hops and lavender contain terpenes that are also in marijuana, but these occur in higher concentrations hence the increase in performance.

5. Cutting long-term use could make your sleep worse

After a long-term use of cannabis, you might decide to discontinue consumption. This comes with a number of responses by your body among them the worsening of your sleep. You could experience shorter sleep time and might also suffer more sleep disruption. However, don’t be frightened as these signs are only evident in a small sample of consumers and you might just be lucky to continue enjoying your sleep like before.

Insomnia / Poor Sleep & Medical Marijuana

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