How Medical Marijuana Is Helping in Elderly Pain Treatment

How Medical Marijuana Is Helping in Elderly Pain Treatment

For many decades, marijuana was viewed as an illegal substance capable of ruining the life of the user, but with recent advancements in medicine, it has become one of the most sought after medical solution. Medical marijuana has been benefitting patients in different categories and some of those who have found it useful are the elderly or seniors. It is no longer the drug that was known only for getting the user, but it now has many uses that can benefit patents. Here are some of the benefits of medical marijuana for elderly patients.

Treating general pain
Seniors are among the most affected by conditions that come with pain as one of the symptoms, and medical marijuana has been useful in helping the elderly alleviate pain. One of the benefits of hemp oil for elderly is that there are many products that they can use besides smoking that offer instant results. These include creams and lotions, which can be applied on the area that is painful, and good thing about marijuana is that it reacts quickly and is natural with no side effects.

Medical marijuana helps the elderly to fight pain by attacking cannabinoid receptors. It relieves pain from chronic illness, nerve damage, and joints. Although seniors make up less than 15 percent of population, they take more than a third of prescription drugs, most of which are for pain. This only compounds their situation as they have to also deal with the severe side effects that arise from using prescription drugs. That is why cbd for seniors comes as a healthy alternative that gives the same results if not better as pharmaceutical drugs.

There are many ways cannabis is helping seniors besides pain relief. You can read more about seniors and marijuana cbs newswhere it has been highlighted seniors are also using marijuana to deal with insomnia and related problems. Marijuana gives instant results and will get you asleep in few minutes. What you have to observe is to ensure that you choose the right strain and avoid negative interactions if you are using other drugs.

Those on other drugs are advised to consult their doctors to know how to integrate marijuana in the treatment without risking making severe their conditions. If all precautionary measures are followed, marijuana offers a reliable treatment option that you will not get with many pharmaceutical drugs.

Hemp oil for elderly – benefits
Hemp oil with CBD as the dominant cannabinoid has several benefits that seniors will find good to their health. Below are some of the ways it helps to improve their lives.

Pain relief

Cannabis has for many years held the trophy as a pain relief solution, which is to some extent, better than some pharmaceutical drugs. A few clinical studies have shown that medical marijuana helps to decrease arthritis and nerve pain, which is something many seniors suffer from.  Patients can also benefit from CBD cannabis massage, or ganja yoga.

Improves bone health

One of the reasons the elderly have joint pains is due to deterioration of bone health and a host of other diseases including arthritis. Hemp oil for elderly helps to promote healthy bones and also helps to heal fractures. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help patients with multiple sclerosis.

Calming effects

CBD generally does not have psychotic effects and its most important advantage is that it gives the user soothing effects.

Stimulates appetite

Loss of appetite is a dangerous problem among the elderly, and this gets worse when one falls sick. This leads to loss of weight and could weaken tissues and cause mental issues. Medical marijuana for elderly helps to restore appetite.

Experts in medical marijuana geriatrics have reported positive impact in the use of marijuana among the elderly and they recommend these solutions to more. Knowing that it can be used without bringing about side effects is a relief and shows this is a better alternative to conventional medicine. In some cases, marijuana has been used to replace drugs and the results have been impressive.

Best edibles for pain relief for seniors
For a senior stoner who is looking for a lasting effect and instant results without smoking, edibles are a perfect way to consume marijuana with cannabinoids pain relief. Edibles offer an intense reaction and that is why it is recommended to consider microdosing. For the best results, here are some of the best edibles you can choose for a senior.
1. Yummi Karma Infused Popcorn
This is medicated popcorn. The Yummi Karma Infused meal includes mac and cheese flavored popcorn that contains marijuana. A pack gives you 3 pieces and this amounts to 25mg doses, which makes it easy to control dosage.

2. EdiPure Orange Slices
For lovers of citrus gummies, the EdiPure offers a delicious meal that doubles as treatment for pain. The oranges are sugar-coated and tasty and infused with 25 mg THC, which can give a strong punch to clear all pain.

3. Hashman Infused Chocolate
The Hashman Infused Chocolate is an edible that gives you 200mg of THC. The edible offers you choices of cannabis and indica that are tasty, so you will not even discover you are taking cannabis-infused edible. It is also good when you want to control dosage as the packaging is designed to help you with that.

4. Mellows Marshmallows
This is perfect for pain patients not familiar with edibles. The edible is bite-sized and low-dose with only 5mg THC. They are good for a start before one can move to other stronger edibles, so any elderly person will find this a suitable way to start treatment for pain and related ailments.

5. Badfish Extracts Reef Jerky
For those who would prefer a savory and easy method to medicate using edibles, the Badfish Extracts Reef Jerky, which is award winning, comes as a suitable alternative. It is filled with protein and offers a delicious snack that helps to relieve pain.

Medical marijuana is a perfect all-natural treatment solution that elders can embrace. Its reaction time is short and no side effects are manifested when you use the medication, which is unlike many pharmaceutical drugs. You should choose the right CBD to THC ratio for best results, and this decision must be informed by what you want to achieve.

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