Medical Marijuana and Arthritis – A Suitable Solution For Arthritis Pain

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In more than half of the states in the U.S., medical marijuana is legal and thus patients can take advantage of its healing properties to address various ailments. One of the most common ailments, especially among the aging population, that can be cured using medical marijuana is arthritis. There are different strains of cbd oil for rheumatoid arthritis that you could try to alleviate the ailments. Marijuana is known to help in a number of ailments and many people who are battling arthritis would like to know how it could help them get rid of the pain.

Common symptoms of arthritis:

Persistent joint pain
Injuries that fail to heal completely
Numbness and tingling in extremities (peripheral neuropathies)
Forefoot inflammation
Stiffness in the morning
Locked joints

Can medical marijuana treat arthritis?
Besides using conventional treatment solutions, you could try using medical marijuana to treat arthritis. This is a complementary medicine therapy that has high success rates unlike other traditional options. Although there is still need for further research to reveal the real benefits of marijuana in the treatment of arthritis, some doctors recommend their patients embrace a cbd dosage for rheumatoid arthritis.

Their argument is that despite the lack of evidence, marijuana has tremendous potential in treating arthritis and many cases have already proved this is true. Marijuana has at least 80 cannabinoids identified, and most of them have chemicals that alter the release of neurotransmitter in one’s brain. The most effective strains include THC (this is psychoactive), and CBD, the most highly preferred option for medicinal pursuit.

Marijuana and chronic pain
Patients of arthritis often complain about chronic pain, and this means they have to be put on drugs that in some cases might have dire side effects. Medical marijuana contains THCA, which is a cannabinoid but one that is not psychoactive. This is what is used in treating rheumatoid arthritis. The substance is extracted in a tincture and can be available in transdermal patches, which are absorbed with ease and channeled directly into one’s bloodstream. Other options available include cbd arthritis cream that the patient can rub on the aching joints.

Medical marijuana used in the right amounts could help to reduce or eliminate the pains patients of arthritis have to endure. If you are undergoing any medication, first talk to your doctor to learn if it would be a good idea to use marijuana while still using other drugs. It might not work when you are consuming other drugs, especially ones that come with heavy side effects. Overall, medical marijuana will give instant results if the patient uses in the right amounts, and one big advantage is that it does not have any side effects to worry about.

Like in other ailments, there is a gap between patient interest and physician knowledge base. This means it might take longer before some patients trust that medical marijuana can help them deal with arthritis. Most such patients will hesitate using the substance until irrefutable evidence is tabled, which might take several years. My advise to them is they should give medical marijuana a try.

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