Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

What Is Ankylosis?

Ankylosis is a condition that is associated with the stiffening of a joint due to the abnormal adhesion and rigidity nature of the bones and joint. It is typically the result of chronic rheumatoid arthritis. This condition usually causes the joint to become fixed in the least painful position it can find. Ankylosis may also be the result of injury, surgery, or disease.

Ankylosis may also cause injury, depending on the progression of the disease, with risk factors increasing as the disease worsens. The rigidity of the bone may be complete or partial, and may be caused by inflammation of the tendons and muscular structures that are outside the joint. This rigid state can also be due to the tissues that are part of the joint itself.

In extreme cases, patients may be required to have the joint surgically fused in order to provide adequate support.

Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

Medical marijuana is a great solution for patients who are suffering from symptoms of ankylosis and cannot find any pain relief from prescription opiates. Medical marijuana serves as an exceptional median for many conditions. However, in terms of how it relieves ankylosis, it serves as a muscle relaxer, which can put the body at ease. Instead of having to complete tedious workouts of isometric exercise and taking opiates to relieve pain, medical marijuana can provide medicinal benefits that cannot be found in other treatments.

By also serving as an anti-inflammatory (in addition to pain killer and muscle relaxer), any muscles, tendons, or joints that are swollen and uncomfortable can be treated, with significant reduction in symptoms.  Patients can also explore the best  marijuana strains for ankylosis.

Patients who are suffering from this condition should check to make sure it is within their state’s listed guidelines of approved conditions, and should then contact our service accordingly. Medical marijuana is a compassionate alternative treatment that can greatly benefit your life and your well-being.


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