How to Make Sure You’re Still a Medical Marijuana Patient NOT a Recreational Marijuana User

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With the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, both medical and recreational users are expected to enjoy access to marijuana and its products, legally. This creates a good space for those who could not qualify for medical card to also enjoy the benefits of marijuana. Prop 64made California a pioneer of using marijuana. Medical marijuana was legalized in 1996 and patients have been accessing it with recommendation from a certified medical doctor. As from January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana became officially legal, so you can now buy without a medical card.

Many people on medical marijuana would not like to be confused for recreational users, and this is because of the perception in place against recreational use. To avoid this, you need a medical card that you can use to show that indeed, you benefit from medical marijuana to treat one or more qualifying conditions. With a medical card, you will not be at risk of getting arrested because not all counties allow recreational marijuana despite the legalization. A card allows you to carry and use marijuana legally and saves you from the stigma that comes with recreational use.

Do you need a medical card to buy from a dispensary in California?
Will dispensaries sell you without a card?The legalization recreational marijuana has brought forth a lot of questions and this is one of the most common. Yes, you can now buy marijuana form a dispensary without a card. All you need is your valid government-issued ID and you are sold marijuana as a recreational user. However, medical users still got some benefits to reap when they use their cards to buy marijuana form dispensaries. To ensure you are not taken as a recreational user, produce your medical card and even the price might read something lower.

Do I need to pay tax at time of purchase?
If you don’t have a state-authorized medical card, yes you will pay tax while purchasing marijuana form a dispensary. This tax includes sales and use tax plus some local tax. This makes the overall purchase expensive and it only gets better when you have a card.

How much concentrate can I buy in California?
For recreational marijuana, you are allowed to possess a maximum of 8g in concentrate or a maximum of 28.5g (in flower form). Anything above this could get you into problems with the law, so be sure to only buy the recommended amount.

Another question you could be asking is “can I go to multiple dispensaries?” California dispensary laws state that you are only allowed to buy an ounce of marijuana and must be 21 years or above. This does not necessarily mean you cannot buy from different dispensaries, but the amount you buy in total at the end of the day must never exceed the limit. However, you could decide to get clever and buy more than an ounce because there is no tracking mechanisms, so you could easily buy more from other stores, which is illegal, but the consequences might not be lenient if you are caught, so to prevent any confrontations, just stick to consuming what is recommended as per the laws.

Do I need a medical card in 2018?
Yes you still need a California medical marijuana card in 2018 if you are a medical user. There are few reasons that justify the benefits of having a medical marijuana card in 2018 despite legalization of recreational marijuana, which allows you to buy marijuana from dispensaries without a card. For your information, these are some of the benefits you will get when you use a medical card.

You will access cheaper marijuana. You don’t have to pay taxes as is required of recreational users. Medical users are given access to marijuana with no added costs.
Not all counties approve of the sale of recreational marijuana, so a medical card could help you access marijuana when you need it. Access to dispensaries for recreational marijuana will be determined by individual jurisdictions, so cities and counties may decide to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana within their boundaries.
A card will help you avoid possession and cultivation limits. Recreational users are allowed up to 6 plants only and can carry a maximum of one ounce. Medical users have up to 100 square feet on which to grow marijuana for personal use, and you are not restricted from carrying marijuana.
You also enjoy lower age requirement when you use a card. Medical marijuana is allowed from the age of 18 years, but to qualify for recreational marijuana you have to be 21 years or above.

Where Prop 64 fails to cover you, a medical card will do its part to ensure you are separated from trouble. It will give you fast, affordable, and uncomplicated access to marijuana. Most importantly, a medical card will ensure you are not confused for a recreational user.

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