Does The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana In California Affect Medical Marijuana?

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It is six years since California rejected an initiative that was aimed at legalizing recreational use of cannabis and good news is that this time, state voters decided marijuana should be legal, regardless of medical need. Dubbed Proposition 64, the initiative went on the ballot on November 8, 2017 and voters in California approved it, which means starting 2018 it will be legal for any adult 21 years and above to use recreational marijuana. But what does this really mean to the average consumer especially those who use medical marijuana in California? Here are few things you need to understand just to keep you on the right side of the law.

Does this affect medical marijuana?
Medical marijuana will continue to retail as usual, and for this you will still need your medical card. All laws that control the consumption and possession of marijuana will have to be observed, so legalization does not open doors for you to do anything you would like with the substance contrary with the regulations in place already.

Growing marijuana in California
One of the things you might want explained is the topic about growing marijuana in California and laws surrounding this. With the leeway given after the legalization, residents will be allowed to grow up to six pots at their homes in enclosed structures or indoors. Outdoor cultivation is subject to control by the local governments. If you are renting, you need to check with your landlord as some owners may come up with rules that sometimes prohibit growing pot in their rental properties.

When can I buy recreational marijuana, and where?
Stores stocking non-medical marijuana will open on Jan 1, 2018 after a state licenses program is implemented. Additionally, cannabis dispensaries will be allowed to apply for temporary licenses to sell recreational marijuana beginning 2018, but you should not expect over-the-counter marijuana sales until summer next year.

Can I be raided or arrested for using recreational or medical marijuana?
Yes, the authorities may raid and arrest you if they detect dubious recommendations. Growing amounts that are deemed excessive may also get you arrested and charged, and lastly neighbors’ complaints may also be a reason for the police to raid and arrest you. As a patient consuming medical marijuana, you posses the same rights as someone using other prescribed drugs. This notwithstanding, you have to use medical marijuana with strict conformity with the laws set by the Federal and local governments. Therefore, the legalization of recreational marijuana does not in any way take away the control that existed among users of medical marijuana.

Conflict between Federal and Local laws
One dilemma you might be battling is the fact marijuana is illegal federally while in California it just became legal to consume recreational marijuana. Although the federal law still prohibits the sale and use of pot, 2013 concessions by the United States Justice Department promised that lawful marijuana businesses would not be targeted and it granted powers to the states to control marijuana industries. However, criminal operations involving marijuana will still be targeted and pursued in accordance with other laws, so ensure you adhere to all the guidelines issued including keeping marijuana away from children.

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