Joint Pain & Medical Marijuana Treatment Santa Cruz

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Joint Pain & Treatments with Medicinal Marijuana

Different traumatic injuries to joints can generally include either a tear or sprain to ligaments and/or tendons, or even a muscular strain. Inflammatory-type issues can include the following:





*Ankylosing spondylitis


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is very common.  This type of an injury can commonly occur whenever muscles in the shoulder are either overused or weakened in any way. Furthermore, any kind of a repeated motion in this area can even cause a shoulder injury, with the most common being sore tendons within the rotator cuff, which is an area of the shoulder that enables the arm to move in a circular motion. If there is a partial thickness tear in this area, this is a condition that is commonly referred to as tendonitis. Additionally, a later stage result of overuse injury can occur thanks to adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as frozen shoulder, which can result in pain and stiffness in your shoulder whenever you try to move your arm. Painful stiffness can generally last up to eight months with this type of injury, while the adhesive stage involving the overall lack of movement can last anywhere from four to six months. Recovering from this issue can take several more months; however, the pain can be expected to continue. Joints in the shoulder are also able to be loose, which can cause issues such as arthritis.  Medical marijuana can helpful for shoulder pain, strains, and spasms.


Hip Pain

Many causes of hip pain are generally related to inflammation or trauma. One of these issues is bursitis, which can come about due to overusing the hip through activities such as climbing, as well as falling down onto it or being hit in that area. Older individuals also tend to suffer arthritis in their hips, with the end result being joint enlargement that is induced by the growth of bones, cartilage, and more. Furthermore, the overall range of motion can be extremely painful and limited. Hip fractures can also cause great pain, generally occurring after issues such as auto accidents and falls. In terms of elderly individuals, stress fractures in their hips can generally occur due to osteoporosis.  Sometimes, Santa Cruz medical marijuana can helpful with inflammation and pain associated with hip pain or arthritis.  Patients with s PureCann 420 Card can then visit a local Santa Cruz medical marijuana dispensary.


Knee Pain

This is something that is always a very common complaint among individuals of every age group. Knee pain can be the result of either an injury or a medical condition. Conditions such as tendonitis generally occurs in the patella, which is the large tendon located over the front of the knee itself. Another type of medical condition, chondromalacia, is due to the result of cartilage becoming softer underneath the kneecap and is most common in younger-aged people. Adolescents can also risk experiencing irritation of the growth plate near the front of the knee joint, which is a condition known as Osgood-Sclatter disease.


Joint Pain and Marijuana Treatments Santa Cruz

Marijuana is a treatment that has actually been used by medical professional for centuries to help treat all sorts of joint pain issues, as it was initially handed down as an old folk remedy. There is now a mountain of evidence which shows that THC and CBD, which are the two main cannabinoids in marijuana, support both the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the treatment method itself. Furthermore, other research shows that patients who suffer from joint pain issues are able to greatly reduce their overall usage of NSAID drugs, some of which can be potentially harmful in nature, whenever they begin taking medical marijuana as an alternative form of therapy. There are even topical forms of cannabis that can be applied to the affected areas, which can prevent the patient from experiencing any kind of psychoactive effects, thereby providing a safe and effective method of delivery with little to no dangerous side effects.  Obtain a 420 evaluation in Santa Cruz for a medical marijuana card to be able to visit local Santa Cruz medical marijuana dispensaries.


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