Medical Marijuana & the Elderly / Seniors?

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Medical marijuana facts

The medical marijuana has been in a transformation stage over the years for being a taboo in many communities to being a conventional and world’s proven modern medicine. For many years the cannabis plant has been facing a lot of rejection by states, cities and even families for being termed as a drug that causes mental disorders and impairment. In recent years the scientist discovered that the plant that many people see it as an enemy has medicinal elements that can cure and help to prevent deadly diseases such as cancer. The discovery is now proving to be accurate, and many countries are considering legalizing the medical marijuana after 29 states in The United States of America authorized the use of cannabis components for treatment purposes. Some of the consist of  cannabidiol for elderly patients, cbd for seniors, hemp oil for elderly

Is the medical marijuana only for elderly? How Many Seniors Use Marijuana?

There has been a living myth which believes the medical marijuana is only for the elderly may be due to smoking which is the popular usage way of the plant components. In this current generation, the medical marijuana works for both young and elderly s is now a medicinal element, not an abusive drug as it has been previously. In the United States of America during the legalization process of the medical marijuana, there were a lot of concerns with parents being worried about their children abusing the drug. Many of the seniors are opting to consider living in a medical marijuana retirement community where their use can continue to thrive.  The reality now is that since the legalization seniors are consuming the plant’s products more than the children after discovering the healing power the cannabis contains. Massive elderly consumption of the medical marijuana products and services does not mean the products are only for the elderly to use.

Different methods of taking the medical marijuana such as vaporizing, smoking and edibles make the products universal. Young people or children get a lot of benefits for using the medical marijuana as the Cannabidiol cures and protects them against cancer and epilepsy. Using medical marijuana does not mean you have to smoke but only mixing few oil drops with your food or taking pure drops can help you and your children to lead a healthy life. The medical marijuana reports by the doctors in the United States of America indicate that there various medical benefits young people or children mainly to prevent and cure those with autism. The excellent performance of the medical marijuana to both young and elderly is making the cannabis darling of many Americans especially those from the 29 states where the medical marijuana is legal.

The edibles which are now popular among parents who would like to give their children to protect them against some diseases come in different forms with mild taste making it easy to monitor dosage and for young ones to take.

What are the benefits of medical marijuana?

The cannabis is proving to be a magic plant with components such as Cannabidiol and THC helping both young and elderly in health issues. Below are some of the health benefits and strength of the medical marijuana.

• Prevention and treatment of cancer –the cannabis plant produces an element known as CBD that is now helping in the fight against different types of cancer such as prostate and breast cancer. Starting to use the medical marijuana from being young will lower the chances of getting the cancer infection and is advisable parents to start giving their children the products.

• Reduces chances of autoimmune disorder and inflammation –the CBD component that is present in the cannabis plant plays are a vital role in treatment and prevention of painful autoimmune diseases. The CBD is an excellent medical agent for different inflammatory disorders that are sometimes challenging to treat such as diabetes.

• In young ones, the medical marijuana component CBD helps in treatment and prevention of epilepsy. The medical marijuana reports in the United States of America since the legalization of the medication by the 29 states there has been a 32% decrease in the infection. 84% of parents who start giving their children medical marijuana products indicate a positive and massive reduction of the epilepsy infection. Pure CBD oil cure epilepsy in young ones in only three months with so far 90% patients’ recovery completely.

• Majority of senior stoners’ use the products not because of fun but to relieve swelling and joint pains which are common in older adults. Arthritis can be very dangerous and comes with a lot pains which the CBD in cannabis relieves. The improvements the medical marijuana provides to arthritis patients is the cause of the increase in the cannabis products usage among the elderly.

• The researchers and scientist reports prove that the cannabis elements such as CBD promote heart health and protect blood vessels from any damage or clogging which is the main cause of heart attack disease. The studies show the ability of CBD in reducing blood pressure and heart rate and at the same time stimulating the production of healthy white blood cells.

• Medical marijuana is a natural treatment method thus you are at zero risks of adding toxic components in your body system which can lead to further complications. Chemical, medical prescriptions have different side effects and sometimes may be a cause of other chronic diseases which is not the case in medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana downside
Despite being the best medical component with ability to cure and prevent different chronic diseases, medical marijuana has some disadvantages which are as follows;

• The use of medical marijuana sometimes may cause sexual problems and hallucinations if taken more than without following doctor’s prescription.

• The medical marijuana is not safe to use while pregnant as it can cause abnormalities in the fetus or childhood leukemia. Smoking or taking by mouth will mix with your blood and get to the fetus through the placenta.

• Cannabinoids sometimes may not work for some people and instead may weaken the immune system thus becoming a challenge for the body to fight against diseases.

The medical marijuana retirement communities are now contributing to the increase in the use of marijuana by elders. In some states where the medical marijuana is still illegal, the elderly pay regular visits to the retirement communities to enjoy the medical marijuana products. There are various CBD health products & cbd for seniors available in the states where the medical marijuana is legal which include pure oils, edible products or hemp oil for elderly. Medical marijuana is both important to young and old as the components in the cannabis plant help in the treatment of disease that affect both groups.


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