How to Get a New York Medical Marijuana Card Online 2018

new york medical marijuana cards online

Getting a New York Medical Marijuana Card in Easy + Fast Online

NYS New York medical marijuana card online – New York is a state that has been known for being so illiberal on programs concerning marijuana. People for a long time have had a tough time getting your New York medical marijuana card online via 420 evaluations online. Patients have wondered where can i get my medical card near me?  The process consumed a lot of time and was troublesome. People also spent a lot of money. However the table was turned in 2017. This was after PureCannMD exploited Senate Bill 2405 of the State of New York. This bill enables the providers of online telehealth to use information from electronics and the technologies of communication to give the healthcare services. The services include the diagnosis, treatment, assessment of patients. We are lucky enough to live in times where it’s possible to get a marijuana card. The inhabitants of New York are now able to receive approval for the medical marijuana card without taking a long time. It actually takes less than 30 minutes. Wondering how you can get a medical cannabis card? Worry not! In case you live in the New York and want a New York medical marijuana card, then this guide we compiled will be of great help to you!

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new york nys medical marijuana cards online



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Tips to getting a New York Medical Marijuana Card online via NY Online MMJ Evaluations

1. Talk to a Health Provider that specializes in online mmj evaluations.

This should be the step you take before anything else.. You should talk to a physician or a health provider. However, makes sure that they are registered and certified by NYS Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program. New patients have to be a resident of New York too. So, you must have proof such as a passport, New York I.D to show that you are indeed a resident of New York. After confirming that the practitioner is registered, book an appointment with one of the New York cannabis doctors and meet them physically, or get your New York MMJ card via online marijuana evaluations just talk to them online through PureCannMD New York medical marijuana cards – Pure Cannabis Doctors Online New York.

Ensure you have obtained the required medical records with you because they will be needed by the health provider. These records also shorten the timeline of the process. When the health provider adjudges you as a fit candidate to use the medical marijuana, we can provide you with an MMJ certification or NYS marijuana ID card to show that you are permitted to use medical marijuana.

Nevertheless, that is not the end! After getting your NYS cannabis certification from one of the certified marijuana doctors in NYC, you need to follow other steps. Therefore, you are not qualified to purchase cannabis at a legitimate NY MMJ dispensary yet.

2. Register with the Program for Medical Marijuana

This is the second step after receiving your certification. You have to register with the program, which is done through U.S Department of Health’s Online Patient Registration System. You can go through this process of registration in two different ways. They include;

a. Requesting your primary care or specialty doctor to do the registration for you.

b. Submitting the application to the website or using the contact form they provide with.

After handing over the required information, the process does not take long. It takes around 7-11 business days and then you get to receive your NYS medical marijuana card.

3. Buy marijuana from dispensary in New York, which has to be qualified.

The Costs of a New York Medical Marijuana Card

MMJ Doctors Online for NYS Medical Marijuana ID Cards 

After getting the certification, which should be from a qualified New York medical marijuana cards doctor, you pay an application cost of $50. This fee cannot be refunded. Well, of course! There might be other costs included such as the consultation fee of $199. There are online doctors such as 420 doctors who offer cheap and dependable medical 420 evaluations online in New York and cards to the New Yorkers.

Conditions Necessary to get a New York Medical Marijuana Card

The NY State Medical Marijuana Card Program states that, the people who are qualified to have this card are the patients who have severe conditions, according to the Assembly Bill 6357, which is under the Compassionate Care Act Two NY, 2O diseases include;

Parkinson’s disease


Positive for HIV/AIDS

Multiple sclerosis

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Huntington disease

Inflammatory bowel disease


Intractable spasticity



Muscle spasms


Chronic pain

Any other condition that threatens the life of that individual.

What is the Compassionate Care Act for New York Medical Marijuana Cards?

It is a law that was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and approved by the assembly and the senate of New York, to protect the patients that use marijuana with the doctor’s recommendation, from the civil punishments and penalties.

How to get a Renewal of an Expired New York medical marijuana card

The medical marijuana card lasts for one year then it expires. Just like in majority of the states, after a card is expired, you have to renew it. Renewing the card is just the same as getting a new one. So how do you go about the process?

You submit your application again, which is usually after every year. Therefore, you will have to pay for the application fee again and any other fee required for the procedure.

Is it Possible to take your Meds to another State?

It is not possible to do so.

What Patients Qualifies to utilize Medicinal Marijuana?

You can only use marijuana if you are 21 years old and above. In case you are below that age, your parent or a guardian, who must be legal, is the one who applies on your behalf. According to New York Compassionate Care text, the Department of Health gives registration identification cards only to the patients or the caregivers who hand over applications that are valid. The patients only get legal protection when they have their ID cards.

Is it Possible to get a NY Medical Card Online?

Yes it is possible. This is because some services help with this process of online medical marijuana card. Such New York card medical online services make use of Telemedicine therefore, enabling the patients to make their application for the card.

Where can you use this New York Medical Marijuana Card?

You can use it in public. However, this can be perceived as if you are using the medical marijuana for your own leisure and this is prohibited according to the federal level. Just to be on the safe side, it is recommended you use the medical marijuana when you are in a safe place such house or officeplace that is private.

In addition, you should take the medicine in a responsible manner. Remember that smoking cannabis is not legal in New York. It does not matter if you have a legit medical marijuana card. The products of marijuana which are taken have to be in form of liquid or capsules.

Where Can I get My Medical Card near Me in New York?

Marijuana is allowed for recreation in places such as Massachusetts which is close to New York. However, be aware that it is prohibited to move around with cannabis or any of its products in the lines of the states. Even though Massachusetts allows recreational usage, its not legalized on the Federal level.

Lastly, the amount you consume the medical marijuana should be one that has been advised by a physician who is certified. In case you are not approved in New York for a NYC medical card, then there is much you can do as long as you are in New York State. Therefore, if you are fit according to the New York Compassionate Care Act regulation, you can get yourself a NY medical cannabis card and makes sure you abide by the law.

new york nys medical marijuana cards online

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