High Times Cannabis Cup San Bernardino 2018

high times cannabis cup san bernardino calf 2018

Check the High Times Cannabis Cup 2018 Info for San Bernardino California

What is high times cannabis cup?

This is a marijuana show which is meant for trade and. It is the world’s topmost marijuana activity that is, meant for celebrating the ganja world and this is achieved through; Competition. Appearances of celebrities. Concerts. Showcases of the products.  The cannabis cup is only hosted in marijuana-legalized states in terms of medical and activities such as recreations.Cannabis Cup is a form of unity, networking and celebrations amongst the marijuana community or in other words the ganja community.High times cannabis cup has been functional for the last 3 decades. These cups are very well established and above all, they are very well trusted in this cannabis industry. They are well suited for fighting for the plant to be politically legitimate.

High Times Cannabis Cup San Bernardino 2018

High times mag.

There are different high times magazines. The high times mag explains different cannabis activities and its functions.Some of these magazines are;• HIGH TIMES: STRONGEST STRAINS• HIGH TIMES: CHEECH & CHONG• HIGH TIMES: SNAP CRACKLE POT!• HIGH TIMES: DAB REPORT 2014• HIGH TIMES: BESTBUDS• HIGH TIMES: POT AND PUNKS.

High times cannabis cup San Bernardino 2018.

➢ venue This cannabis cup event will be held in San Bernardino, which is a centre for national events, specifically Orange shows.

Time This is a high time cup 2018 that will be held from 20th to the 22nd of 2018.The door entry times are specified as follows

1. For VIP and the Super VIP, their entry time is exactly at 12:00 pm2.

For GA, THE door time is at 12:30 pm.

➢ Requirements

The 1st requirement is an ID. A valid ID will be required in order for one to be allowed entry or participation in the high times cannabis cup San Bernardino 2018 event. This because all patrons that are to enter into this event are supposed to be of 18 years and above or 18+ when it comes to age.  However, without California medical marijuana cards at the High Times Cannabis Cup San Bernardino 2018, the patrons shall not be allowed to access the smoking zone and therefore, one will need a medical card and this is for all medical patients from California who are 18+.Patrons that are 18+ shall however not require medical cards to gain access to:

Performances on the main stage

• Festival experiences.

• Podcasts.

• Non-profit village.

• Food court.

There will be 420 doctors available online for medical marijuana evaluations consultation for those that will not be having their medical marijuana cards but this will attract an additional fee.Wristbands will be given in case one has a gate pass and also for in and out movement from the event.Things like alcohol, weapons, food and glass bottles are not allowed into the 420 events 2018 california.  There are however no ticket refunds or upgrades. When you purchase one, then that is final.The above event shall be in the high times 2018 magazine and therefore let us all meet for in California for the high times cup 2018 California in San Bernardino.

The most previous US cannabis cup which is a high times events was the High times San Bernardino 2017 . This is an event that was presented by Eureka Vapor. Its venue was at the San Bernardino. This event was held April 21st to April 23rd.


The above events are there different high times events 2018 that all comprise the US cannabis cup, which will be held across different cities in the US like Las Vegas and California.    Get your ticket today and let us meet for the High Times US Cannabis Cup SoCal San Bernardino – April 20-22, 2018 today!

events in the above-mentioned venues.

High Times Cannabis Cup San Bernardino 2018

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