Glaucoma + Medical Marijuana

Glaucoma + Medical Marijuana

Explore Relationship Between Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma Symptoms

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Glaucoma is an eye condition that causes optical nerve damage and if left untreated could degenerate to blindness. The condition comes as a result of the buildup of fluids in the eye that put pressure on the optic nerve, and this pressure reduces one’s ability to see. In the United States, over three million people live with glaucoma and globally the number is about 60 million. This is one of the leading causes of permanent blindness and getting a solution for treatment immediately it shows up is important.

The Role of Cannabis in Treating Glaucoma
You might have come across information about glaucoma and medical marijuana citing the effect of CBD on patients of glaucoma. Research shows that using cbd eye drops for glaucoma helps to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve and this reduces symptoms of glaucoma. Additionally, CBD helps to reduce pain and inflammation. This makes treatment comfortable for patients, which is one of the reasons cannabis has gained wide adoption in the treatment of glaucoma.

Effect of Smoking Marijuana on Intraocular and Blood Pressure
Research has revealed that smoking marijuana is a good glaucoma treatment solution. This is because it lowers both intraocular and blood pressure for people with glaucoma. The studies conducted showed that within 90 minutes of using cbd oil for glaucoma treatment, the blood and intraocular pressure of the patient went down. These findings were linked to the ability of marijuana to widen blood vessels and facilitate a smooth flow of blood.

How Effective is Cannabis for Glaucoma Treatment?
Many people would like to know how cannabis compares to other drugs when it comes to the treatment of glaucoma. This is a natural cure for glaucoma that has lately received a lot of focus and its usage has continued to increase, so how effective is it as a glaucoma cure 2018?

Studies of cbd and glaucoma go back as far as 1970s and over the years findings have shown that cannabis is able to alleviate glaucoma-related symptoms through lowering of intraocular pressure (IOP). In 1971, one among the first studies showed that cbd helped to lower IOP by 25% to 30%. However, the effects are short-term and patients have to consume marijuana more frequently, so you may be required to stick to learning about glaucoma and smoking marijuana and how to optimize your habits for the best results.

Future of Cannabis as Glaucoma Treatment
While marijuana, as used today, may not offer the perfect treatment for glaucoma, there is rapid investment in research related to the development of cannabinoid-derived medications, which points to a promising future. Some people believe this is the best solution based on the results they got while others consume cannabis as a therapy adjunct.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take For Glaucoma?
The amount of CBD oil you need to achieve good results is dependent on the extent to which you are affected by the condition. Each person responds differently to CBD and there is no standard intake that is considered ideal for everyone. You have to know the right amount for you through trials and experimentation. Users can also get a medical marijuana card online.

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