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Getting a California Medical Marijuana Card in 2018 is easier than ever!  Many Californians were delighted at November’s vote that would introduce freedom to buy recreational marijuana soon.  However patients still need their medical marijuana cards in 2018. Dabbed Proposition 64, this helps to legalize recreational marijuana in California and many people have been wondering if it still makes sense to get a medical California marijuana card in 2018. Despite the general sentiment that this could bring to an end the relevance of holding a medical marijuana card, there are still many benefits that can be accessed through the card that you should know about. Do you need a medical card to buy from a dispensary in California in 2018? Find out.

Dispensary access
In spite of the legalization, the recreational shops available will be dependent on the specific jurisdictions governing counties and cities. These jurisdictions could act to the effect of limiting the operations of dispensaries in certain areas, and you might have discovered that many are already in this process. The overall effect is a delay in getting medical marijuana, so having a card might come as a perfect solution to speed up access to dispensaries.

There are more than 1,000 dispensaries in California and those with a medical marijuana card are able to enjoy better access. Another query you might have is can you go into a dispensary without a card? Of course there are dispensaries that don’t require a medical card to sell you medical marijuana, but you might have to search a lot before you come across one, so it makes sense to have a medical card as this allows you to have quick access to a dispensary.

Save cash
Another reason you should obtain a California medical marijuana card is if you would like to save some cash. Recreational marijuana is taxed more and this means if you are to buy directly from pharmacies you might have to cover that extra cost. Using your medical card might save you up to 20 percent in 2018, and the tax rate is expected to rise over time as more people adopt recreational marijuana, so with your card you can be at a good position to avoid these extra costs, especially if you access medication on regular basis.  Other ways to save money is to get medical marijuana deals.  

Additionally, you could use your medical weed card to guard yourself against the police because in most states marijuana is still viewed with a lot of stigma. Transporting it without the card might get you into problems as many people will fail to understand why you have the substance in the first place.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in 2018
From 2018, it will not be necessary to have a medical marijuana card to buy marijuana in California. But as shown above, you still might need one as it can help you in various situations. So, you might be asking how you can get the card in preparation for 2018. Here are simple steps to help you get a California medical marijuana card in 2018.

Register online. For this you only need your email and you will enter the virtual waiting room. It might take a few minutes before you are summoned to proceed with the process, but make sure to hold on.
Engage a physician. This is the reason you should make sure you have a camera and microphone that is working perfectly. The doctor will engage you on a number of issues before you are allowed to proceed to the next level.
Recommendation letter issuance. Lastly, if after the first two steps you are marked as a successful candidate for the receipt of the card, you will be issued with a recommendation letter in your email immediately. Its hard copy version will also be forwarded to your address and you can collect it within 2-3 days.

After picking your recommendation letter, you will find a unique patient ID code which is registered to the Medical Marijuana Program of California. Immediately after getting the recommendation letter, you can visit any dispensary as all you need is to show the letter or email confirming your registration to the program. The receptionist will then verify your code.

Can I own a gun if I have a medical card in California 2017?
This is one of the gray areas that have not been addressed fully. You have to understand that in California you are not bound by any laws to report to the state all the recommendations given by your doctor on medical marijuana. Additionally, your medical information is highly protected and is not availed to any other party except you and your doctor. This means unless you share that information with a gun dealer you will always buy a gun in California even when you are a holder of a medical marijuana card.

There is a conflict of legislation between the federal and local governments and this further compounds the issue. Marijuana is illegal and is listed as a Schedule 1 substance. It is also not legal to posses any firearm when you are a user of a controlled substance. Technically, going by the upper law, you will be committing a crime by having the two at the same time as there are no exceptions even if the marijuana is being used for medical purposes. You may seek clarification locally before you make a decision to acquire firearms while also a holder of a medical marijuana card.


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