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PureCann Healthworks, the first medical marijuana evaluation facility in Santa Cruz to offer in-office and online medical marijuana evaluations. Santa Cruz CA

All Medical Marijuana evaluations are easier than ever – PureCann Clinic is offering medical marijuana 420 evaluations online and in office at their Santa Cruz clinic.

The PureCann has a staff of California Licensed doctors, who are trained in pain management and committed to the concept that marijuana is serious medicine, without the side effects and addiction problems of many man-made medications.

The PureCann 420 doctors perform thorough, non-invasive history and physical exam evaluations. They review a patient’s current medical records and recent information, conduct a question and answer session with the patient and then make a determination. A qualifying patient receives a Santa Cruz medical marijuana card at the conclusion of the 420 evaluation. also assists its patients in obtaining the required registration cards from the Santa Cruz Department of Public Health.

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The PureCann clinic Medical Director, declares that all qualified clinics should ask for and obtain medical records.  The PureCann clinics does ask patients to bring in or fax their medical records.

As more and more Santa Cruz residents seek relief in medical marijuana from the chronic pain and symptoms of their disorders, medical marijuana evaluation has become the essential first step in the process. It is critical that patients suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, HIV, seizures and other serious conditions not face unnecessary delays in the process. Working with an evaluation facility that follows the letter of the law, like The PureCann medical clinic, helps avoid delays.

Many primary-care physicians may not be able to provide their patients with medical marijuana certificates because of restraints their insurance companies may place on them. And, many physicians just don’t see any benefit in medical marijuana.

Massachusetts residents who want to take advantage of a holistic approach to relieving the chronic pain and other symptoms of their illnesses with medical cannabis can get more information and make an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation by contacting The PureCann online medical marijuana doctors clinic,

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