Get Medical Marijuana Card in Albany

– MMJ Recommendation certified by a NY licensed MMJ doctors
– 12 mo medical marijuana recommendation
– Privacy of your medical information in the HIPAA compliant system

Only $149/Year


Get Medical Marijuana Card in Albany NY

Get a Medical Marijuana card in Albany NY


An Easy Online MMJ Evaluation Process

No appointment necessary. Talk to an MMJ doctor for your medical card evaluation to get the NYS MMJ card 24/7, 7 days a week.



Your medical card evaluation is conducted online or telephone in a private consultation once your medical chart is reviewed by the doctor.


1 Year MMJ Recommendation
Once approved, your doctor will send the MMJ certification after which you can register at the state to visit medical cannabis dispensaries. With PureCann, we heal connect you to natural medicine.

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100% guarantee Pay ONLY if Approved

You pay only if  approved – After approval, you will get your MMJ certification via email then the paper copy is mailed to you in a few days.


Appointment 100% Online only

Apply online, see a doctor online from the comfort of your own home


#1 MMJ Clinic In Albany NY

Patient can rely on PureCann to supply licensed NYS doctors for medical card evaluations.


Easy, Fast and Affordable Online process

The online option is the most convenient because it’s a brief discussion with doctor. Fast response of doctors and the cheapest price in the state.


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Benefits of getting MMJ card in Albany NY

  • MMJ card holders pay less in taxes for cannabis
  • To get medical cannabis you need to be at least 18 yrs of age
  • Accepted at any NY dispensary
  • Buy all cannabis products, including top sheld, high CBD, mmj strains that are located at various local dispensaries.
  • You can purchase more ounces or more overall
  • You can get a caretaker to pick up your cannabis products
  • Avoid paying recreational cannabis sale tax (15%)
  • Avoid increased prices because of adult use excise tax (15%)

Medical Card Evaluations Albany

MMJ evaluations online in Albany. Medical marijuana doctors for how to get a New York medical marijuana cards online.  Explore MMJ doctors to find the best local cannabis doctor near your location. Typically, marijuana can be use for back pain, back sprains, insomnia, anxiety, depression, seizures, HIV/AIDS, cancer, tendinitis – check with your state’s medicinal cannabis laws to make see if your medical condition is on the list of approved ailments.
Medical card online can help you obtain a medical card depending on your specific medical condition.  Once you are authorized  you can find weed dispensaries near you today and explore different marijuana strains that may benefit your condition. With a PureCannMD NYS marijuana ID card, patients can determine if cannabis medicine can help with particular approved medical conditions by the New York Medical Board.
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