Difference between Topical and Transdermal Medical Marijuana

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Both Cannabis transdermal and topical have staked a big claim in the medical marijuana market. The two patches have been known to exhibit differences in their operation, effects, and benefits. They both have an inspiring awe since their inception in the medical sector.

Difference in Effects

Topical medication is normally intended to affect the site of application while the transdermal is intended to reach areas away from the site of application. The use of topical medication results in minimal significant drug concentrations in the blood while in the case of transdermal, it acts as a better method for patients intending to have the medicine metabolized in the blood. Transdermal is frequently used for anti-nausea drugs and hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits of Topical Medical Marijuana

Cannabis topical is absorbed directly through the skin to solve mild localized pains and inflammations. They include balms, salves, lotions, and oils that have been infused with active cannabinoids. Therefore, are applied to the skin directly. Some have penetrated massage oils and cosmetics zone, leaving an additional benefit to the user.
The application of topical marijuana allows them to be directly absorbed into the affected areas rather than having to smoke it or ingesting orally. Topical is non-psychoactive, and thus it is used effectively by the patients who are in need of medical effects of cannabis as opposed to the ‘high’ effect. This non-psychoactivity tends to bind the CB2 receptors at the skin thus acting as an endocannabinoid without being absorbed into the bloodstream. The human skin has low absorption rate for the topical cannabinoids, and this makes it effective during application.

Benefits of Transdermal Medical Marijuana

Transdermal, unlike the topical, are absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. Effects are felt a few minutes after application. Transdermal has high bioavailability (fraction of an administered dose that gets to the systemic circulation) and thus delivers the medicinal effect to veins.

This unique means of cannabis consumption makes use of a simple patch that is adhered to a venous area of the body and allows the cannabinoids to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

How Topical Medical Marijuana is Used

Topical is used in the management of pains since it can penetrate the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, with its high dose of CBD can as well be used to relieve physical pain such as the central pain of multiple sclerosis. Also, it is effective in relieving the chronic pain resulting from arthritis and rheumatism.

How Transdermal Medical Marijuana is Used

Transdermal is used by patients who are not able to swallow medicines. The medication is metabolized by the liver. Transdermal is used to treat anti-nausea drugs and a therapy involving replacement of hormones. It is essentially used in the treatment of chronic pains. Transdermal patches are also used in radiating a smooth sensation with a lasting effect.

Different Products in Market

Transdermal Medical Marijuana

They include Apothecanna, Dixie Elixirs Synergy Balm, and Kush-Crèmes Aloe, among others.
Topical Medical Marijuana
Products existing in the market
The products exist in patches of ibuprofen, methyl salicylate, and custom design among others.

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