What is Difference Between Medical And Recreational Cannabis in California

Difference between medical and recreational cannabis in California

Medical marijuana has been legal for some time in California and many patients have benefitted from its solutions. On January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana became officially legal and now residents of California can access both medical and recreational marijuana legally. But does that mean they are the same and offer similar benefits?

Indeed, there are differences between medical and recreational cannabis that you might want to consider especially if you have been a medical user and you are planning on moving to recreational use. Here are some of the key differences you should note that could inform your decision to choose between recreational and medical marijuana.

Medical vs recreational prices
You also want to review medical vs recreational prices California before you go out to get your dosage. Although you may be buying the same quality for both cases, you will see that medical marijuana will cost you less than recreational marijuana. The reason for this lies in the taxation considerations that govern both cases. In the case of recreational marijuana, you will be required to pay tax amounting to as high as 20%.

There are also other charges imposed by the local government that you may be required to pay on top of the tax. This makes the price to balloon and you may end up paying almost twice the price due to the extra charges you are made to pay. Medical marijuana does not come with such restrictions and is solely priced as a medical solution. You are viewed as any patient and so you will not be required to pay any taxes or the additional charges recreational consumers have to cover. This makes medical marijuana cheaper in the long run if you are a regular user.

The dynamics of supply and demand also play into the pricing of recreational marijuana. Although recreational marijuana is legal in California, its availability is at the mercy of cities and counties as these also have the powers to decide if to allow businesses to trade marijuana within their boundaries. This means access to marijuana for recreational purposes is not guaranteed as would be the case with medical marijuana. Many people will be interested in recreational marijuana and this creates demand, which drives prices up.

Medical vs recreational quality
The second consideration you might have for medical vs recreational California is quality. One thing you must note about medical marijuana is that you are allowed to plant more, and this means you can plant an amount that can sustain you for a long period of time without the need to buy from a dispensary.

Recreational users are allowed a maximum of 6 plants, so a regular user will certainly need to buy more from a dispensary. What this means is that you are able to control quality depending on what you want to achieve. There is a lot you can say about homegrown vs medical and in most cases the homegrown solution will come in handy especially if you are a medical marijuana patient.

Additionally, you cannot review medical vs recreational Colorado and forget to talk about the fact medical users have access to different strains and products of marijuana that are specifically prepared to help in treating certain ailments. This makes their marijuana better in quality as it comes with measured amounts of THC and CBD to specifically address their problem. That cannot be said about recreational marijuana as you only buy to satisfy your needs and you will most likely not buy the right composition or strain.

Age limitations
There is also a disparity in age when it comes to comparing medical to recreational marijuana. For medical users, the lowest age allowed to buy and use marijuana is 18 years, which means only those aged 18 years and above can be issued with a medical card and be allowed to buy from dispensaries. For recreational use, you cannot buy marijuana unless you are aged 21 years and above. This means medical users have an advantage when it comes to access to marijuana as their age limit is lower.

No recommendation needed for recreational use
One of the benefits of recreational marijuana is that you don’t need a recommendation to buy marijuana. Nevada medical vs recreational laws allow recreational users to buy directly from a recreational dispensary as long as they can prove they are within the allowed age limit and legal residents of California. You don’t need a medical card, and this creates another contrast of medical vs recreational Oregon.

Medical users need a medical card issued by a recognized medical professional. The card is obtained after an evaluation to determine that you have a qualifying condition that would make you a suitable candidate for medical marijuana. You can apply for a medical card online in few steps. There are many clinics that offer online services that will allow you to apply for a medical card through their system. You will receive a recommendation immediately after the evaluation through email.

CBD to THC ratios
Medical marijuana usually has higher amounts of CBD when compared to recreational marijuana. This is purposely so the patient will not feel “high”. The high you feel after taking marijuana is as a result of the presence of THC in the substance. THC is a psychoactive element, so it gives you the “high” feeling.

Recreational marijuana contains higher THC content, and this is mainly because users of the marijuana are in many cases after the “high” you get from marijuana. It is for them to enjoy and there is little focus on medicinal benefits of the substance.  Patients can also opt in for CBD cannabis massage, utilizing the medical benefits of cannabiss.

CBD and THC are the most active elements in marijuana and they both have applications that help patients to cure different ailments. Medical marijuana has proved to help cure many ailments including multiple sclerosis, insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder, stress and anxiety, nausea, vomiting, crohn’s disease, pain, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite to mention a few. Medical marijuana should be administered in measured doses and you should be careful to choose a strain with the right active ingredients.


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