Consumption Devices Medical Marijuana Users Should Know About

consumption devices all marijuana users should know

The market is swamped with cannabis consumption devices, so much that it’s hard to know which is the best one for you. In that regard, we have sifted through several devices to come up with the best five devices that you should try.
These devices aren’t just attractive, they are also well designed and of high quality. Enjoy it!

1. Refillable Oil Vape Pen – Boom Farms Highlighter

This best vape pen is among the best you can find. It’s a rechargeable vape pen that contains organic cannabis oil, which maintains a consistency of 50% to 70%. It leaves no persistent scent, and has a great mouthpiece, which gives you a feel of quality and sophistication when you look at its overall design.
You can check it here:
Get the best consumption devices from bloom farms

2. The Rooster- Vape Pen from OMG Farms,This pen comes pre-filled with a tasty oil mix, which makes it clear that it was designed with efficiency of use in mind. Using its patented technology, it offers a higher uniformity rate, unlike other non-rechargeable pens we have tested. Its package includes a carrying case with two pens inside, making it a suitable for fast access and still maintaining discreetness.
You can find them here:

Get the Best Consusption Devices from OMG Farms

3. Water Pipes from MyBud Vase

It is one of the best water-vases that you can buy, which gives you a great home-smoking experience. It has a premium look.l and blends well with other sophisticated home appliances.
Each piece has a unique that matches its design; “Buttercup” for a small sized yellow vase and “Pig Tails if it has large handles on the sides.
Each unique bud vase design gets a personal from CEO Doreen Sullivan, who is also the founder. Over the years, she has perfected her craft to create functional and unique designs in each of her pieces. If you need for a mature smoking experience, this is your best option.
View several pieces at:
Get the Best Consumption devices from Mybud vase

4. Pipes from Miwak Junior

Sebastian Boher began his work on the Miwak Junior as an act of rebellion during against a ceramic class, when he slipped his pipe in the kiln, only to realize he had created a beautiful and functionally intuitive pipe. His partner Alice J. Boher, confirmed the design was indeed great, making Miwak Junior their first product. The design is an inspiration from the Space Age wonder and pre-Columbian lifestyles.  Aside from its great aesthetic, Miwak Junior fits perfectly on your palm to give you an enjoyable and smooth smoking experience.
View them at
Miwak Junior is among the Best Consumption Devices

5. Matrix Concentrates Vaporizor and Dry Herb

The easily customizable settings on the Matrix, makes it among the best herb vaporizers we have tested. The Matrix extracts the enjoyable flavor from the herb and concentrates with great precision, thanks to its temperature scale adjustable by 1-degree on a scale that ranges from 300 to 435 degree Fahrenheit. The unlimited options offer you maximum efficiency on the consumption of your concentrates and herbs, so you can have an amazing experience. You can use or clean it easily, and it includes over 135 unique settings, with an OLED screen that helps you to make precise settings.
View it at
The best Consumption Devices Matrix

The advancement of cannabis consumption devices over the last few years is amazing. The artists and creators in the Cannabis community are leading the way and helping the industry to mature by creating the best cannabis consumption devices, advanced in functionality and with an aesthetically pleasing form.
Please view their respect websites for more information about the dispensaries that distribute their products, and whether they offer online purchase. Furthermore, if you haven’t got or renewed your medical marijuana card, order it now from!

Patients can get a California medical marijuana card for high thc or cbd strains.

Consumption Devices Medical Marijuana Users Should Know About

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