A Comprehensive Preview of Proven Benefits of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Benefits of CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Explore how CBD Oils Can help various Medical Conditions

Medical marijuana has been a politically and emotionally charged issue for many years, but recent research has come as a great milestone in revealing the many benefits marijuana offers to patients. Until recently, marijuana and its related products has remained a controversial topic. Marijuana contains many prominent products that have helped to advance healthcare, and one that is proven to offer positive results is CBD oil.

What is CBD?
Cannabis contains more than 60 compounds that are in the class referred to as cannabinoids. CBD is one of these compounds and until a few years ago, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was more widely acclaimed for producing the mild-altering effects that make users high when they consume marijuana. CBD is also found in marijuana in good qualities and its medical benefits go beyond the feeling you get when you consume marijuana.

CBD oil, unlike THC, is not psychoactive and this means it does not alter the state of mind of the user. However, it appears to have significant changes to the body and contains a number of medical benefits, some of which will be addressed below.

How does CBD oil work?
The working of CBD oil is very similar to that of other cannabinoids. They attach themselves onto receptors in the body and produce certain effects. In the case of CBD, there are two receptors namely CB1 and CB2 on to which CBD attaches itself to produce some effect. CB1 receptors are spread all over the body, but you will find many of them in the brain.

The receptors in the brain help with coordination and movement, emotions, pain, mood, memories, thinking, appetite, among others. CB2 receptors are known to work in the immune system and they deal with pain and inflammation.

Benefits of CBD oil
Due to the way CBD works in the body, it gives the user a lot of benefits. Here are few you might want to know about.  

Anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief

CBD oil gives the user a natural way to deal with pain, and good thing is that the oil has no side effects unlike over-the-counter drugs. According to a study submitted to the Journal of Experimental Medicine, CBD has properties that help to significantly reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Mental disorders and epilepsy

There are also studies to establish the effect of CBD on mental disorders and epilepsy. One review published on Epilepsia suggests that CBD works well with people with epilepsy and has anti-seizure properties. More studies have revealed that it could be useful in the treatment of other disorders that are connected to epilepsy, such psychiatric disease, neuronal injury, and neurodegeneration.

Relieves nausea

For many centuries, cannabis has been used to suppress nausea and vomiting. More research into this has revealed that of the 80 cannabinoids found in marijuana, CBD helps to deal with nausea and vomiting. However, when consumed in high amounts CBD may increase the effect of nausea, so one has to take controlled amounts.

Alzheimer’s disease

More studies reported on the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reveal that CBD helps to prevent the occurrence of social recognition deficit. This means it potentially is able to prevent early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.


Acne is caused by overworked sebaceous glands and inflammation. Several studies have showed that CBD reduces the production of sebum, and this helps lower the chances of getting acne.

These are few among the many benefits CBD offers. Other benefits you could get include helping patients of cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, among others.
Legality of CBD oil
The legality of any products of marijuana is dependent on the laws and regulations that govern marijuana in different states. It may be legal in your state and illegal in another, so be sure to check this before you order some CBD oil.

Best way to use CBD oil
There are different ways you could use CBD oil to gain the health benefits it offers. You may choose to add the oil to your food or even buy a thick paste that you can get CBD massage on your skin. It is also available in capsules.

If you have to take CBD oil, be sure to first consult your doctor to know if you are eligible for the product. Check that you are not using other clinical drugs as this might lead to complications. The best thing is to ensure you only use CBD oil after getting clarification from your doctor to know if there will be any side effects to expect.

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