Commercial Marijuana Cultivation in Santa Cruz Banned by County Supervisors

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Santa CRUZ, Calif. —It boiled down to one vote Tuesday as the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to boycott business cannabis develops in unincorporated Santa Cruz County.


Santa Cruz County management boycott business cannabis developing
Prior to the vote, open remarks went on for over three hours. Enthusiastic requests were made on both sides of the open deliberation.

The Santa Cruz County board chamber was filled with cultivators, medicinal marijuana patients, and neighbors who are affected by illicit and legitimate cannabis development. The meeting was held in regards to Santa Cruz medical marijuana regulations.

Directors said there has been a genuine battle to manage the business development. Utilizing a slideshow presentation, the region demonstrated a guide of 145 known unlawful develops.

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Medicinal pot patients and dispensary proprietors who stood up said they are worried that the boycott will restrain the plant’s accessibility for medical needs.

A marijuana supporter Devon Miller said, “What is proposed today is moving in reverse not advances. We require sensible regulation, not simply tossing out the infant with the bathwater.”

Numerous individuals requested the board to defer a choice until there could be more enter, yet supervisors have been panning for new arrangements for quite a long time. Yet after more than 60 individuals affirmed before the board, supervisors continued with a vote.

Chief Zach Friend voted for the boycott, while Supervisor John Leopold did not.

“How would you stem the tide is not having an extremely admissible mandate that permits individuals to come in or feel like its an unenforceable law here,” Friend said.

“I’m concerned the complete boycott and abandoning it to the individual develops. It won’t block enough of the medication for the individuals who have a doctor’s MMJ card,” Leopold said.

Pot can be developed in little 10 x 10 regions, and the individuals who develop weed arrangement to proceed with their business.

Producer Pat Malao portrays himself as a little time cultivator, and said he plans to keep developing.

“I think everybody who’s in this room is going to continue set and they’re going to sit tight for the thump on the entryway and it’ll be greatly frustrating when the patients free the medication then you’re going to see the genuine recoil in the group,” Malao said.

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