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CBD Massage Santa Cruz

How Can Cannabis Help Massage in Santa Cruz

cbd massage santa cruz


Being massaged has something inherently medical that helps to relax your muscles and relieve stress. When your body is exhausted, you want to relax and one of the ways you can achieve this is having a calming massage. Beyond the conventional massage you get at other clinics, you can try something more effectual like a cannabis/cbd. But what is CBD cannabis  therapy massage?

What is cannabis CBD Massage Santa Cruz?

CBD massage Santa Cruz is a procedure where your muscles are relaxed using CBD massage lotionor related oils. During the CBD massage, pain is relieved, muscles relaxed, and digestive issues eased. In some cases, you will experience immediate relief when you use a CBD massage lotion, and the effects may extend for a longer period of time, which makes it a perfect solution for someone suffering from chronic pain and inflammatory problems.

Cannabis contains elements that have medical properties, which are ideal ingredients to enhance the results of massage therapy. The properties of marijuana to relieve pain and relax muscles have been examined scientifically and proved to help offer instant solutions, especially when applied through massage therapy.

What are the benefits of cbd massage in Santa Cruz?

There are many cbd massage benefits that you should examine to understand how this treatment can help your body. Before you opt for this solution, you need to get some facts about how CBD massage interacts with your muscles to give you healing. Below are some of the things you should know about cbd massage and wellness.

1. Increases sensory stimulation
When you try out massage, your muscles will react immediately, but when this is done with some cbd massage lotion, you will benefit your entire body. All senses in your body will be stimulated. The skin is one of the most important organs in your body that requires care to help you feel strong and healthy.

After a gentle CBD marijuana massage, your skin is stimulated to make you feel more alive and alert. This process will not only take care of your joints, but your sensory nerves will particularly benefit. CBD oil helps to shed off old skin and opens up your pores, which means revitalizing your skin and enhancing its appearance.  This is some of the best massage therapy in Santa Cruz California.

2. Treat chronic pain
Many people who suffer from chronic pain usually choose cannabis oil to cope with the constant pain they experience each day. To enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, one could choose the best cbd massage oil, which will, besides easing the pain, decrease inflammation and boost the flow of blood into the affected areas. The result is the relaxation of muscles and pain relief that helps the patient to resume normal life.

The massage also soothes muscles to remove tension, which is something often associated with chronic pain. CBD oil also helps in reducing blood pressure and relieving stress, and all this is without the risk of suffering side effects that are associated with many pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is also known to fight stress and so someone suffering from chronic pain will feel better after a cannabis massage.

3. Alleviate stress and anxiety
When you are stressed and anxious, life may feel unbearable and at such a point you are not able to perform your duties the way you should. You might be worried about your money, job or even scared because of something that has just happened in your life. If this is something you are going through, the most suitable way to restore normalcy in your life is to get a cbd massage.

One of cbd massage oil benefits is helping get rid of anxiety and stress. It will literary bring back that smile you desire and will restore your body to feel stronger and better. CBD acts like a miracle chemical that will bring you back to joy after going through a harrowing experience due to anxiety and stress.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties
It is widely known that cbd massage oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, which means it could help you treat inflammations and pain. The most important thing about marijuana is that it acts instantly and its effect is lasting, which is something you are not likely to get with pharmaceutical drugs. It even gets better if this is administered through cbd massage lotion. It has been a perfect solution for patients battling arthritis and injuries.


Add water to the saucepan, up to ¼ its capacity. Put the water to simmer using medium heat and put the bowl on the pan to form a DIY boiler. Add the oil into the ground cannabis trim and stir to mix. Cook the mixture for 1-2 hours and make sure to stir occasionally. Remove the mixture and allow the oil some time to cool. Strain the oil using the sieve and cheesecloth and store it in the bottle.

Into the bottle of cannabis-infused carrier oil, add some drops of the essential oil and stir the mixture. You then need to seal the bottle and leave it for 24 hours to age and this will also help to meld aromas together. This is how many people prepare cbd massage oil for sale, so if you would like to have a cheaper alternative, you can follow these guidelines to make cbd massage oil at home.

Is cannabis massage in Santa Cruz right for me?
Cannabis massage can benefit anyone. Using CBD for massage entails topical use, which means it does not enter into the blood stream, so those who don’t want to use cannabis can still enjoy CBD massage oil benefits.

Can I use cbd massage when pregnant?
At the moment research is yet to reveal whether this treatment is suitable for pregnant women or for prenatal massage. However, those who have used it have not reported any harmful effects and there are no fatal developments that have been reported due to using cannabis in edible or other forms. In fact, many pregnant mothers have reported a feeling of more relaxation and muscle pain relief. If you are not sure about this treatment, make sure to book an appointment with your doctor to understand more about CBD massage and whether it can be right for you.


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