Santa Cruz CBD Massages for Pain

Santa Cruz CBD Massages for Pain

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Santa Cruz CBD Massages for Pain Benefits for Pain

The use of Santa Cruz CBD Massages for Pain is not only an emotional issue, but it has also taken a political perspective. Medicinal use of Marijuana was banned in the 1930s due to reports that it was used for stimulations rather than medication hence posing dangerous health implications.
Recently, Marijuana has been confirmed to contain CBD, a compound which has been approved to treat numerous diseases and this has made it be used as the medical value. The recent research on marijuana found that it has clinical and medicinal value when it is taken in small and recommended quantities
CBD and THC are compounds within marijuana, and it includes hemp. CBD oil derived from hemp does not affect the high commonly associated with marijuana, according to several sources. CBD oil derived from marijuana contains an appreciable amount of THC, the same compound that gets people high, or obsessive when they smoke a joint and therefore it is not possible to deny its value.

What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

Cbd is a compound found in marijuana and it belongs to the category of ingredients known as cannabinoids. Since CBD is one of highest concentration in cannabis, medics have said that it cannot be ignored but it has high medicinal value when consumed or when it is used externally in SPAs to do CBD oil massage.

2013 study established that CBD is the major nonpsychoactive component in marijuana. CBD oil has been proved to act as anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, and antipsychotic agent and therefore it can be used to treat many diseases.
What is CBD massage?

CBD massage is a massage using CBD oil to relieve stress while lowering heart rate and also blood pressure in a single massage session. Medics have established that people who undergo CBD oil massage daily can cope with stress hence minimizing health risks.

Research has also established that CBD massage is important since it makes one relax and be restful. People with muscle pain are encouraged to use CBD massage oil, and it rests muscles and therefore extinguishes the muscle pain. It also improves good posture as poor posture can have detrimental effects on the body. Apart from maintaining good posture, CBD oil massage will help in treating the headache pain. By massaging areas around the neck, shoulders will eliminate head pain as these are areas responsible for a headache.

Increasingly people are suffering from tension headaches and migraines. The stresses of life bear down on us, and we forget about or lack knowledge of healthy outlets for stress relief. We tend to hold our tension in our muscles, most commonly on our shoulders, which cause tension headaches and migraines. Massage is a great, healthy outlet for stress decompression and headache/migraine relief. When you add CBD to your massage, you get a more excellent outcome


Recently cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use. Owing to numerous advantages of the use of CBD in marijuana, experts extracted CBD massage oil for sale and use in SPAs to do massage. There are numerous advantages of using CBD to do massage, and we highlight them here

1. It contains anti-inflammatory properties

Cannabis oil massage is best known to heal most ailments. The CBD that is contained in massage oil has been confirmed to have healing effects and that it doesn’t have narcotics. Hence by getting CBD massage in Santa Cruz will make your body feel relaxed and high as well as heal any inflammatory disorder.
The CBD oil while massaging works to relax muscles and also soothing the sore joints. The oil will then penetrate the skin, and one feels robust healing sensation.

2. It increases sensory stimulation

The muscles and joints will relax immediately after you have done a CBD massage but adding CBD oil in massage will stimulate your whole body. Massage with CBD oil helps someone to feel energetic, alive and alert. This is done by relaxing the mind, the joints which make the skin to come to life. Skin cells get produced daily, and some die but do not leave the surface area of the skin. It, therefore, makes skin hard and interferes with skin pores which are responsible for the healthy survival of the skin. The CBD oil will penetrate the skin and help to unclog skin pores which makes it feel stimulated.
The cannabis massage has some other components such as peppermint and arnica which helps to appeal to the sense of smell and at the same time improves the overall performance. Everyone who is interested in stress-free stimulation is advised to consider Massage oil CBD stimulation.

3. It relieves stress and anxiety

The problem of stress and anxiety faces most people. People are worried about their health, body, family, friends and many other issues that make life unbearable and hence results in stress and anxiety. Due to the stress in mind, the body of a person becomes dull to the point that he cannot perform daily duties cognitively. At this point, one will start feeling to be nervous, and if he fails to address the problem, it will escalate to anxiety. Anxiety can lead to depression, and therefore there is a need to address it earlier. The research shows that doing massage which is incorporated with CBD oil helps to remove stress and anxiety. The analysis on the medicinal value of CBD massage showed that the massage could help in repairing individuals damaged depression system. It, therefore, puts the person in his former happy moods and therefore CBD massage is always rewarding.

4. It eliminates chronic pain

Chronic pain occurs daily, and consequently, it is humiliating to those who have this kind of illness. However, CBD massage has come to their rescue as the study shows that having a massage incorporated with cannabis CBD daily helps relieve chronic pain. CBD decreases the inflammation, and for this reason, it has been able to deal with any chronic illness. It also soothes the muscles to relaxations and also it increases blood flow to the affected areas hence relieving clonic pains.

CBD massage oil for Rheumatoid arthritis

Arthritis means joint inflation, but it can be used as a term to describe over 200 varieties of Rheumatoid diseases and the conditions that affect and causes pain at the joints. Arthritis is in rising in united states, and therefore it poses a danger and therefore it useful to find a way to feel it. The study has shown that CBD oil can heal arthritis and chronic pain.

With the legalization of medical cannabis, people with arthritis can use CBD compound in it to heal and also relieve pain.

The study has shown that there is an improvement in the patients who have arthritis and who massage with CBD oil. Research confirmed that this oil would reduce pain and also inflammation that is caused by all type of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis hence healing the medical condition.

The records show that doctors have in recent past treated arthritis with CBD oil through massage by applying it to the skin thus reducing inflammation and pain. 2006 research showed that patients were required to undergo CBD massage treatment for six months and the results showed that all those who were consistently recovered from arthritis. The patients confirmed that they were feeling less pain and inflammation. The massage also slowed down the formation of new arthritis cells. It is, therefore, recommendable for patients who have used the drug and they are not working to try CBD massage as it is sure confirmed the way to treat inflammation.

CBD oil benefit list

1. It has been used in Relieving Pain and inflammation

Naturally relieve pain the most known benefit of CBD oil in cannabis. CBD in cannabinoids proved that it is useful in relieving pain by facilitating transmission of neuronal in pain pathways. It then helps to sterilize the nerves responsible for pain detection hence minimizing the pain felt by an individual. Research to find out whether CBD can suppress inflammation was conducted using rodents, and it was found out that it reduces inflammation without causing analgesic tolerance. The recent research on CBD in marijuana found that it can be used to treat chronic pain by use of medical agents.

A meta-analysis was conducted in Canada in 2007, and it established that use of CBD together with THC spray treats neuropathic pain in various sclerosis.

2. It has antianxiety effects

CBD is essential because it produces an antianxiety impact on the body of the user. It is not different from the chemically made antianxiety drug that uses neurochemical and behavioral methods in the study of the animals. Patients with anxiety may use CBD to prevent human experimental axiousness, stress, nervousness..

3. It reduces anxiety

CBD is known to reduce stress not only to patients with have social anxiety disorders but also into human beings who are healthy. Researchers recommended that CBD should be used to the patients with panic disorder or with obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as those with post-traumatic disorders. CBD interferes with brain nerves which are responsible for the impulse which results in anxiety hence eliminating it. The study which was meant to establish the level in which CBD can treat anxiety disorder in 2011 found that treatment with CBD treats all the conditions brought by anxiety compared to other drugs which were not effective

4. It helps in the fighting of cancer

CBD prevents cancer cell migration and development since it produces anti-proliferative, pro-apoptotic which kills cancer cells on the formation. A study conducted in 2006 confirmed that use of CBD helped in maiming different kind cancerous breasts cells tumors.

The study conducted in 2011 added the light and explained how CBD kills the cancerous cells. It showed that CBD induces both estrogen receptor- negative and estrogen receptor- positive concentrations which kills any cancer cell on the formation. Apart from fighting breast cancer, the study found out that CBD can also fight lung cancer and colon cancer.

5. It relieves nausea

Marijuana has been for a long time been used for purposes of surprising vomiting and nausea. Studies have shown that almost all the compounds that are found in cannabis including CBD and THC can help in relieving nausea. The research was first done on rates, and it illustrated that it gives anti-nausea and antiemetic effects when used.

6. It treats seizures and neurological disorders

A study was done in 2014 through Facebook and parents were asked on to whether they use cannabis to treat seizures in their children. Those who used were requested to share the information. The research found that CBD in marijuana helps to treat seizures up to 80 percent. The study also found that CBD increases alertness gives better moods and improves quality of sleep.

7. It lowers diabetes incidence.

Recent reports show that CBD treatment significantly reduces the incidence of diabetes in NOD mice from a rate of 86% in non-treated control mice to the extent of 30% in CBD-treated mice. CBD treatment also resulted in the significant reduction of plasma levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines, IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha.

8. It promotes cardiovascular health

CDB Is a non-psychoactive treatment that is already in the market as part of a certain treatment in multiple sclerosis is also in clinical trials in children with intractable epilepsies and has orphan designation status in the US in neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy. CBD is the focus of much research because of its potential in some other medical areas due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-oxidant, anxiolytic, anti-nausea, anti-tumoral and antipsychotic properties. Some preclinical studies have also shown beneficial effects of CBD in a range of disorders of the cardiovascular system which has been the focus of my research for the last ten years.

Final thoughts

Research shows that use of CBD oil in massage has many health benefits. These benefits vary in the angle of the treatment. Cannabis oil massage can prevent the user from contacting a disease, or it can heal the disease by inhibiting the movements of the cells and relaxing the body cells.

Most people, however, do not know where to get the best CBD massage oil for sale. It is, therefore, recommendable to consult your doctor before settling on the CBD massage oil you will use to relieve pain.


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