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How to get a medical marijuana card in California?

Medical Marijuana Cards Online – Good information to explore

 Patients in the Golden State of California can obtain medical marijuana card via legit 420 evaluations with PureCannMD Pure Cannabis Doctors.  We typically conduct via telehealth online system or telemedicine – it is faster, cheaper, significantly more efficient than going to the MMJ clinic office. MMJ doctors can help new or first time medical cannabis patients to be able to visit MMJ dispensaries in the local area.  Some patients search how to get a medical card in California easy, what is medical marijuana? how can I get a medical marijuana card in California? can I get a medical cannabis card online? where do I find a medical marijuana doctor near me?.



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What is a medical a medical marijuana card?

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medical marijuana card online is an identification card that the cannabis dispensaries and state, in which a 420 patient lives, recognize as a license to purchase medical marijuana. Some people commonly refer to it as a “weed card” or “pot card” or “cannabis card”. With it and a physician’s’s medical cannabis card, patients can get, possess and even grow certain quantities of cannabis and marijuana for their own personal medical use. A very liberal exception regarding quantities is made for someone residing in California who holds a valid California medical marijuana card online.

The cannabis card is used in a state where marijuana is legalized and regulated for medical use. After a diagnosis from a medical marijuana doctor online, a patient has to pay a fee in order to get such a cannabis card. A medical marijuana card issued in one state is not valid in another state according to current legislation.

medical marijuana card is valid for 12 months at a time or as recommended by a mmj doctor. It can be renewed upon recommendation from a recognized medical marijuana doctor and upon going through the normal registration process. Patients should check in advance in order to see if there is an additional fee that must be paid for the annual renewal of a medical marijuana card. Now you can renew your medical marijuana card online in minutes, please sign up here to renew your cannabis card online.

How to get a medical marijuana card in California Online?

Visiting a medical marijuana doctor or walk-in clinic is no longer necessary and generally speaking, it’s just not a great idea.  This is too long to take for California medical marijuana card.  The average clinic visit is not fun and takes 2-4 hours, including transport, waiting, and filling out forms. Too often the medical marijuana doctor is not available, so a second visit is necessary. This is why Californians are using Telehealth increasingly to meet their medical marijuana cards. The days are gone when patients had to sit in an uncomfortable chair in a boring lounge with strangers. You can complete your 420 Evaluations Online application form in a few minutes. A few moments later a licensed doctor reviews your file and Bingo, your Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Recommendation is both emailed and mailed same day.


Connect with an medical marijuana card doctor or Healthcare Professional – Pick your Hood.- We service remote areas and small communities too.

Choose your city and find Medical marijuana doctor coupons, deals, vouchers and great low price offers for your first time medical marijuana evaluation or renewal.

According to California medical marijuana law, the state Department of Public Health built up an intentional medical marijuana card program, to issue California medical marijuana cards online (likewise alluded to as cannabis cards online, 420 cards, or weed cards online), to qualified patients with a doctors medical marijuana card recommendation. California’s medicinal weed law was corrected with Senate Bill 420, including extra insurances, to the Compassionate Use Act.

How to get a medical marijuana card in California?

There are generally three very popular ways of getting a medical marijuana card in California. The process is not difficult and takes very little time to complete. But generally speaking one must first start by getting 420 evaluation or medical marijuana evaluation from a medical marijuana doctor. In order to get a medical cannabis card, patients must first submit themselves to an evaluation.

One can have a general practitioner provide a letter of recommendation for one to get a medical marijuana card. However, it would be a better option to get it from a cannabis specialist or from what we have already referred to as a medical marijuana doctor.

Depending on the laws, which vary from state to state, a person can get an identification card specifically for medical marijuana. The California medical marijuana card looks very similar to a driver’s license and has the photo of the patient on it. This card has to be shown when purchasing medical marijuana from a cannabis dispensary and is not valid in any other state.

Can I get a medical marijuana card online? 420 Evaluations

Some people are embarrassed or afraid to go to their regular General Practitioner to ask about medical marijuana card or how they can obtain one, and some don’t even know where to find a doctor who can or will do 420 evaluations. To help people get what they want and avoid any hassles or being uncomfortable, more and more people are asking if it is possible to get a medical marijuana card online. The answer is easy. It’s YES. It all starts with a mandatory 420 evaluation.

The first step is to complete a standard medical marijuana evaluation. You can do this from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You will be required to complete a general form that looks like any other registration form that you would normally complete when going on a regular doctor’s visit.

Once finished, you will be asked to upload any additional medical information that pertains to your medical situation. All this documentation is needed as part of the 420 evaluation process and everything is protected by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). None of the medical information you provide will ever be shared on any public database or kept in any public records.

The 420 evaluation is simple. But before getting into it, you will be asked to decide if you want to buy either a doctor’s recommendation or if you would simply prefer to buy a medical marijuana card. Both are legal. However the ID card provides the added advantage of being wallet-sized and has the convenience of allowing you to do repeat visits to the same medical marijuana dispensary locations.

These 420 evaluations take a few minutes. You will have to take part in a video call  conversation with a medical marijuana doctor. During that time, you will be expected to give details on your current situation and your medical history. You may also be asked other questions and told how medical marijuana may be beneficial in helping your particular situation. Remember that the mmj doctors are there to help and will do all that is possible in order to make you feel comfortable.

In most cases the online evaluation process is absolutely free of charge. You are only charged a fee if the 420 doctor approves you for a cannabis recommendation.

Once the evaluation is completed and the doctor has approved you for a medical marijuana card, you will be sent, via email, a digital PDF version of your recommendation letter. It is valid for use immediately. Some cannabis dispensaries will accept this printed copy and some will require the official paper copy. Nonetheless, you will receive, within 2 to 3 days via the mail, your medical marijuana card and your official recommendation letter. It will be signed by your medical marijuana doctor and will feature the doctor’s embossed seal. With this you can go to a marijuana dispensary to make your first approved purchase of medical cannabis and should not run into any problems.

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The Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) gives patients a chance to get a California medical marijuana cards online ID card and registry program, to qualified patients and their parental figures. The registry framework takes into consideration the approval and confirmation qualified patients, or caregiver’s, medical marijuana status. A medical marijuana card approves the patient or guardian to utilize, have, develop, transport, or utilize, medical cannabis. While it is prudent, it isn’t required for patients to acquire a Medical Marijuana Identification Card, with a specific end goal to get the full lawful security, of California’s Medical Marijuana law.


Finding a 420 Physician


Getting your California cannabis card can be an incredible bother considering how extreme the entire procedure can be. The initial step, which is finding a doctor, could be the hardest considering that not all doctors in the state are edified on the issue of medical weed. So some wonder how to get a California medical marijuana card online 2018?? California Medical Marijuana Card Doctors:


•             A Golden State Network of Caring Physicians – We keep up an expansive database of California medical marijuana doctors who are licensed to practice writing medical marijuana card recommendations in the Golden State. These medical marijuana doctors are effectively available by arrangement and online through the Telehealth platform, on the telephone via Tele-Cann.con or in the Santa Cruz office location.


This means we can get you associated with a very qualified doctor at the snap of a mouse, making the procedure significantly simpler for you. Our entrance additionally enables doctors to deal with their arrangements all the more successfully, keeping the requirement for patients to bear long sits tight at the doctor’s office for an arrangement.


•             Resources Just a Click Away – State controls expect patients to display a composed confirmation from a qualified doctor while applying for a California marijuana card. As opposed to traversing the territory searching for this documentation, our online entrance puts every one of the assets you require readily available.


•             Online medical Cards Visits Made Easy – When you’re prepared for follow-up visits, you don’t have to leave the solace of your home. The Telehealth entryway replaces the need to physically visit a doctor with an online arrangement that is similarly as smart for the patient and the doctor.


The most effective method to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in California

Can I Find Medical Marijuana Card Online?

A general online search can also help you find medical marijuana card online. Depending on the site, you will be asked to create an account and provide information. There is a verification process and you will be required to submit documents to justify your need. These evaluations take up to 15 minutes to complete on average.

A few more important facts are: You will have to renew your medical marijuana cardevery year, so it is important to make arrangements for a visit to your medical marijuana doctor prior to the expiry date to avoid any difficult situations.

You will need a piece of valid U.S. identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, or state issued identification card, to apply for a medical marijuana card. Here is a list of documents needed to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Your medical insurance will not cover the costs of qualifying for or obtaining a medical marijuana card and most are not covering the cost of prescribed medical marijuana. However that may change as medical marijuana use becomes more prevalent.

People who hold a valid medical marijuana card are allowed to grow their own plants (as many as six). You are also allowed to give a plant away, but not buy or sell it, however your states laws should be checked before proceeding with this or cultivating your own crop. Growers permit

We hope that this helps you by providing you with some of the most basic but important information regarding medical marijuana card and medical marijuana doctors as well as how to find a medical marijuana doctor online or how to find a medical marijuana doctor close to where you live.

To help you more, please see some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q: Do I need to renew my medical marijuana card ?
A: Yes. You have to do this once a year. You’ll want to make arrangements to do it just prior to the expiry date on your medical marijuana card or 420 recommendation letter so that you will not find yourself in a difficult situation.

Q: What are the requirements for a medical marijuana card?
A: Any form of U.S. identification such as a passport, driver’s license or state-issued identification card and proof of California residency. Here is a list of documents needet to get your medical marijuana card in California.

Q: Does insurance cover y medical marijuana card expences?
A: No. insurance does not cover any cost related to your medical marijuana card.

Q: Can I grow my own medical marijuana with a medical marijuana card?
A: Yes. In fact Senate Bill 420 (SB420) provides the measures that allow patients to grow up to 6 mature weed plants for personal use with medical marijuana card. However one should also check for additional provisions made by laws of the state in which you live. For example in California, the supreme court ruled that a mmj patient could grow any number of plants for personal use so that their medical requirements are met.

There are a lot of different names people use to call a medical marijuana card and some of them are : weed card, pot card, 420 card or 420 evaluations, medical weed card, cannabis card, medical cannabis card, marijuana card even green card, also 215 card or prop 64 card.

1.            Patients are encouraged to get true blue medical records or documentation from their essential care doctor depicting the finding of their qualifying condition — *Learn how to ask for your medicinal records


2.            To qualify, a California quiet should be analyzed by a doctor as having one of the accompanying medicinal conditions that is recognized by the law:


1.            Anxiety


2.            Arthritis


3.            Cancer


4.            Chemotherapy Side Effects


5.            Chronic Pain


6.            Fibromyalgia


7.            Glaucoma


8.            HIV-AIDS


9.            Migraine Headaches


10.         Multiple Sclerosis


11.         Radiation Therapy Side Effects


12.         And, some other interminable or tireless medical side effect that considerably confines the capacity of the individual to direct at least one noteworthy life exercises (as characterized by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) or, if not lightened, may make genuine mischief the patient’s wellbeing or physical or emotional wellness


3.            Patients are required to get a marked Physician’s Statement from a doctor, as of now authorized to rehearse drug in California — *Find a confirmed medicinal cannabis doctor in California


4.            Once a patient has gotten a written medical cannabis card from a doctor authorized in the state of California, patients are required to enlist with the California Department of Public Health, Public Health Policy and Research Branch, Medical Marijuana Program Unit.


5.            To enlist, finish this Application/Renewal Form CDPH 9042


6.            Submit the application shape to your nation wellbeing office (addresses recorded beneath), alongside the accompanying:


0.            A officially sanctioned photograph ID card


1.            Proof of region living arrangement, for example, a lease/contract receipt, service bill, or engine vehicle enlistment


2.            Written documentation from your doctor suggesting the utilization of medicinal marijuana


3.            Application charge (changes by province – see underneath)


7.            Upon enlistment, patients will get a medicinal marijuana I.D. card.


Cost of A Medical Marijuana Identification Card in California


The MMP is regulated by every individual check, so in this manner charges change by province. The state cost of the Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) application charge is right now set at $66 per card for non Medi-Cal patients, and $33 per card for Medi-Cal patients. There is an extra organization expense, dictated by every region independently.


It would be ideal if you contact your nearby region program, for the correct expense sum, in your general vicinity.


* Please note: If your application for a Medical Marijuana Indentification Card is denied, you may document an interest. There is NO cost for presenting an interest. Finish and present an Appeals Form specifically to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), inside 30 timetable days from the date of your notice, that you received from your province program. Join a duplicate of your denied application, to the Appeals Form, and mail to:


California Department of Public Health


Region Health Services Branch


Medical Marijuana Program


Consideration: Appeals


MS 5203


P.O. Box 997413


Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

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