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Check Out Some of the Recreational Marijuana Info 2018 in California

California in 1996 become the first state in the United States of America to legalize medical marijuana after the discovery of its importance in chronic disease medication. On November 8th, 2016 the voters in California voted in proposition 64 act to legalize recreational marijuana for people above 21 years old. However, the legalization will begin in early January 2018 that’s when the local authority will start issuing licenses to business personnel’s who would wish to operate the recreational marijuana join across California. The proposition 64 act also allows individuals to grow cannabis plants in their home if you have the license the policy will enable you to grow up to 6 plants, and if you don’t the permit, you can only grow one cannabis plant. The medical marijuana policy is still active, but you might be wondering what will happen to the California medical marijuana cardholders from 2018? Bottomline…Yes, you still need your California medical marijuana card in 2018!

Is it possible to Buy Recreational Cannabis now in California? Do I need a Medical Marijuana Card Still?

The medical marijuana is still available in various medical marijuana dispensaries across California however you must have the California MMJ ID for you to buy. You can also get to buy the medical marijuana products if you have a recommendation letter from a licensed weed doctor which is not that hard to acquire. There various online platforms that offer the medical marijuana recommendation at a reasonable price where they link you with a weed doctor who evaluates your health situation and provide you with the letter. The good news is that weed offer medication to thousands of health problems from minor diseases to the major ones, and you can’t miss a single health condition that marijuana cures. The medical marijuana recommendation you can get the same day you apply from online platforms as you will receive it via your email, so you don’t have to worry about where to find a weed doctor.

How will the California MMJ card holders be affected in 2018?

Many medical marijuana identification card patients are now asking what is going to happen to them come 2018 when the proposition 64 implementations do begin. Experts are now saying the cardholders have nothing to worry about since the policy will be beneficial to them. Here are the benefits you will enjoy as a medical marijuana patient card holder in California;

• The cost of renewing the MMJ ID card will go down since it will not have as much demand as it has now and you will be getting the service at a lower price. Prices of a commodity depreciate with the decrease in demand, and that should make the card holders happy or those aspiring to the California medical marijuana card in 2018.

• The proposition act only allows residents to grow up to six cannabis plants but for the MMJ ID card holders will still grow the marijuana plants up to 100 square feet. From 2018 legally the residents with increasing permits will only be able to grow up to six plants while those with no license the policy allows growing one marijuana plant. As a card holder you will have advantage over the others.

• As a Medical marijuana patient card holder in California once the proposition 64 comes to reality in 2018, you will have privilege of enjoying both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. The act will only allow residents to buy recreational marijuana, but when it comes to medical marijuana, the 1996 bill will still be in force. That means if you have a medical complication you will even need the California MMJ ID to access medication from medical marijuana dispensaries.

Is the recreational marijuana available in California today?

YES! The reality in California now is that the Proposition 64, will start being operational from 1st January 2018 and that’s when the recreational marijuana will start being available in shops or medical weed clinics. However, some people still buy medical marijuana products online and use them for recreational purposes. Once you have the recommendation from a cannabis doctor which is not that hectic to get when you buy the medical marijuana products, it’s up to you to decide how to use.  Consumers can also get recreational marijuana deals!

The online platforms that sell medical marijuana products once you buy they don’t follow up what you do with the products. Medical marijuana products are in various forms from edibles, oils and even others are in the form of vapor, but you can use for medical or for recreational purposes. If you would like to use the marijuana through smoking, then you will have to wait to do it in specific public places or just do it privately. There is no imprisonment risk when caught by police now, but you will end up paying fines. To be safes side, you can still wait until 2018 which is around the corner to thoroughly enjoy the rights to use cannabis for recreational purposes when the policy is operational.

Where and when to buy recreational marijuana in California?

You might be waiting to know when to legally buy cannabis in California and consume freely without police harassment. Once the proposition 64, comes to full implementation from 1st January 2018, California will change for good for the cannabis lovers. The local authorities will issue permits to marijuana vendors who will be selling marijuana in shops where you can freely purchase. However, the local authorities like counties will have the power to control usage and growing of the marijuana plant in their areas. The restrictions will be pure to ensure the users do not disturb the non-users especially smoking in public places and might set up smoking zones where you can consume the weed comfortably.

Now the marijuana is only available in cannabis dispensaries where you can only buy with a California MMJ ID card or a weed doctor recommendation letter. The first process is to get a weed doctor to provide you with the recommendation if you like to buy the marijuana. To get the recommendation is not that hard like before since there are online platforms which can link you to the doctor. You can also buy the medical marijuana products online too from your home online and get delivered to your doorstep in short time.

Are You Now Eligible to buy and use weed in California 2018?

The Proposition 64, only allows residents above the 21 years to buy and use the recreational marijuana from January 2018. The policy will also let residents grow weed on their farms though in small quantities. Residents will have to pay for permits in the local authorities to enable them to grow up to six cannabis plants. Those without the license will only be able to grow one marijuana plant. Proposition 64, will be beneficial to California residents and experts say before buying you might have to prove you are a legal resident of California.

You will have to produce a valid California identification card before you buy the recreational marijuana from the shops. In some special cases like purchasing medical marijuana for children, you will need to have a medical recommendation from a licensed weed doctor. To get medical attention from a cannabis clinic will difficult for children if you don’t have the medical card. For medicinal marijuana purposes, the California medical marijuana card will still be necessary when the proposition 64 gets to force.

Will you need the California MMJ card to buy weed in dispensaries 2018?

The implementation of the proposition 64 in early 2018 might bring a lot of confusion before the residents understand how it will work. Government policies may take some time before implementation, but legalization of recreational weed does not mean you don’t need the California medical marijuana card. The medical dispensaries will still be operating frequently and will provide marijuana for only medicinal purposes unless the policy gives way to the erection of recreational marijuana dispensaries.

Recommendations from the weed doctors you will need them to access the current medical marijuana dispensaries. What might change with the new policy is that those will buy cannabis in licensed shops will not need the card or the residents who will be growing the marijuana plant on their farms. The charges of the recommendation or the medical marijuana cards might drop as the demand will not be that high since the marijuana will be readily available to many people living in California.

The medical clinics have only one objective, which is to offer medical attention to patients with chronic diseases such as cancer that need weed components to get well. For recreational usage, you will have to buy, from other platforms such as online or in licensed shops or centers.

What are the benefits of implementation of Proposition 64 in California?

The implementation of the proposition 64, in January 2018 will have a lot of benefits to the residents and the whole state. The gains residents are likely to get from the policy are as follows;

• The implementation of the act will be an excellent source of income –the California state will enjoy substantial revenues from the permits it will be giving to people who would like to grow the precious plant as well as from the vendors. Everybody who would want to grow more than one marijuana plan will have to pay for a license apart from those who will be producing only one plant. The vendors also will have permits that they will pay to get which will generate more income to the state and eventually residents will get more service.

• The consumers of the marijuana products will enjoy lower prices –the current rates of medical marijuana products are much high, once the policy starts operating in 1st January 2018 the consumers will be happy as the prices will go down. Everybody will be able to grow the cannabis plant. Thus the commodity will be very much available therefore demand will reduce causing the fall in prices.

• The implementation of the proposition 64 will provide employment opportunities to the California residents as there will be erection of various production industries to make use of the marijuana availability to make more products such as cannabis edibles. The residents will also sell the plant since the policy enables everybody to grow cannabis.

• The health conditions of the California residents will improve –experts say that you use the marijuana components at an early stage of life you will protect yourself from various deadly diseases like diabetes. The policy will make every family grow cannabis at a low quantity which will make it possible to use thus preventing and providing cure to various ailments at a low cost.

What are then the downsides of the policy in California?

Despite marijuana being beneficial for medical and recreational purposes the proposition 64 will bring some disadvantages to the residents who are as follows;

• There will be a high risk of children abusing the marijuana which can cause severe health conditions. To control the usage of the cannabis by young ones it can be challenging since the plant will be readily available to all families will be able to grow the marijuana plant.

• The policy will increase the drug cartels as almost every family now will be selling marijuana since despite the little quantity they grow no family can consume everything it produces.

• The consumption of marijuana will rise and may cause numerous  issues as the cannabis usage sometimes cause mental impairment which can be risky for the safety of the California residents.

Different online platforms are now coming up with various deals in California to tap into majority new marijuana users who will be available from 2018 when the policy implementation begins. Some of the websites now offer different medical marijuana services like linking customers with medical marijuana dispensaries and weed doctors to give you recommendation letters. The online sites now have crazy deals for new customers such as giveaways and price offers on the marijuana products. There are currently platforms like have arrangements to link customers with home delivery services for those who will buy recreational marijuana from their platform. The company also will make it easy for customers to get in touch with recreational dispensaries and marijuana vendors at pocket-friendly prices.

The proposition 64 in California will entirely start working in early 2018 and if you have been thinking of consuming recreational marijuana or growing the plant. You just need to be a little patient as very soon you will have the freedom to smoke your pot.

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