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Opioid Abuse Rates Lower In States With Legal Weed

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rates of opioid abuse tend to be much lower where the use of medical cannabis has been made legal by the state

According to a recent report that was published by Castlight Health, the crisis involving prescription opioid addiction is not getting any better, but is in fact getting worse. This report examined medical and pharmaceutical industry data covering the years 2011 to 2018. it combined an analysis of a combination of numbers and statistics in an attempt at figuring out the

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Decrease Opioids Use ,

Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

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Medical Marijuana and Ankylosis

What Is Ankylosis? Ankylosis is a condition that is associated with the stiffening of a joint due to the abnormal adhesion and rigidity nature of the bones and joint. It is typically the result of chronic rheumatoid arthritis. This condition usually causes the joint to become fixed in the least painful position it can find. Ankylosis may also be the result of injury,

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Mood Disorders and Medical Marijuana

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Mood Disorders and Medical Marijuana

​ While past studies have linked marijuana use to a higher risk of anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, psychosis, and substance abuse disorders, other studies have been unable to repeat the findings. Recently, in what is believed to be the first national study to look at any potential link between marijuana use and the incidence of anxiety, mood, and substance use

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana , Mood Disorders and Medical Marijuana

Cannabidiol / CBD, Benefits for Pain, Massages

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cbd massage pain relief santa cruz

CBD Benefits The use of marijuana for medical purposes is not only an emotional issue, but it has also taken a political perspective. Medicinal use of Marijuana was banned in the 1930s due to reports that it was used for stimulations rather than medication hence posing dangerous health implications. Recently, Marijuana has been confirmed to contain CBD, a compound which

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An MS Diagnosis—What Does It Mean?

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Contributed by:  Rebecca Evans >>>> When it comes to multiple sclerosis, getting a diagnosis can often be a long, grueling process—both for the patient and their families. There are lots of tests, often some false diagnoses of other problems, and all told, the process can often take months or years. The stress of the whole

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana , Multiple Sclerosis

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