Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain in California

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Using Medical Marijuana To Treat Chronic Pain

If you’ve ever taken pot at all, you know that it can make you feel like you’ve entered a new world where nothing hurts, and that’s for the people who aren’t in chronic pain. For people who are in chronic pain, marijuana can feel magical. This was a fact that was widely accepted for a good portion of human history, and it feels like a lot of Americans are starting to rediscover it again.

Patients all throughout California treat chronic pain with marijuana. Treating chronic pain with medical marijuana in California is more socially acceptable than it is in many other parts of the country, although that could start to change in recent years with the increasing legalization of medical marijuana. It will probably become a medication of choice for a lot of people.

The medical community is still debating whether or not prescribing medical marijuana to treat chronic pain in  California is something that should become standard. However, it should be noted that in the disability community itself, the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain is more or less standard. The disability community also has a positive attitude towards medical marijuana, particularly when it comes to chronic pain. This is one of those situations where it seems that people might want to listen to the patients more than some of the doctors.


The Evidence in Favor of Treating Chronic Pain With Medical Marijuana


Obviously, people won’t just want to rely on anecdotal evidence, and they don’t have to here. There have been lots of studies that suggest that medical marijuana is an effective treatment for chronic pain. Medical marijuana does still need to be studied in a laboratory setting more. However, there have been at least six peer-reviewed studies that suggest that medical marijuana can reliably reduce nerve pain. There is very little evidence that medical marijuana is actively negative for pain patients, and this is not something that pain patients can take for granted. They’re all too used to taking medication that barely even takes the edge off of the pain.


It’s generally rough out there for pain patients. For them, the cure is often worse than the disease. Many of them have gotten sick from the very medication that is supposed to help them. There is very little evidence that this will happen with medical marijuana.


Usually, the worst that pain patients can expect when they take marijuana is that it won’t work. While there are some studies that showed that medical marijuana did not really help one way or another, this is inevitable in a field like this. People will be in a situation in which they have to see what works for them, because no medicine will probably work for every single study population. It would be unusual if the results of medical marijuana research were all positive. However, when it comes to the treatment of chronic pain using medical marijuana, the evidence really is there.


People also don’t have to take a study’s word for it. Patients all over  California will also have no trouble finding anecdotal evidence in favor of the treatment of chronic pain with medical marijuana. While people will sometimes dismiss the value of anecdotal evidence, they should remember that it is not possible to run perfectly controlled medical experiments on humans. Many studies are more or less collections of anecdotal evidence, and this can make things more difficult for the people who are trying to find a way to make the right decision. The fact that medical marijuana works for so many different pain patients is still noteworthy and it is something that people should consider.


Using Medical Marijuana Instead of Opiate Medication


One of the most important parts of treating chronic pain with medical marijuana is the fact that marijuana provides a safer alternative to opiates. Chronic pain patients have often tried to medicate themselves using forms of opium. They’re still prescribed medication like that today, in spite of the fact that the addictive potential of opiates is so high. The medical community’s longstanding opinion that opium is better than marijuana continues to amaze a lot of people in the community.


Even the people who don’t get addicted to opiate pain medication will still often suffer from the terrible side effects one way or another. Opiate pain medication can cause liver damage with time. Even in the short-term, a lot of people will suffer from the sorts of digestive symptoms that medical marijuana can help to alleviate in its own right. The fact that medical marijuana can actually treat the side effects of opiate medication should really give people a sense of the efficacy of medical marijuana for chronic pain.


Physicians and Medical Marijuana


It’s still hard to get marijuana from your doctor. It doesn’t have the history behind it that opiate medication does. However, this is just a sign of changing times. Using medical marijuana for chronic pain in  California is common enough that some doctors might be more accustomed to it by now. However, since they don’t have much experience prescribing medical marijuana, some of them are still unclear about the dosage levels that they should use when it comes to various conditions.


Physicians also don’t seem to know how patients should take marijuana. The exact method of delivery for medical marijuana remains controversial among many physicians in particular. Lots of doctors are certainly not pleased with the fact that some patients will smoke the drug, given the inherent health risks associated with smoking anything. Eating medical marijuana is a popular alternative, but that can have an effect on the dosage. The fact that some patients will have to work out the dosage of medical marijuana for themselves in  California and throughout the whole country will only make the situation trickier for them. However, this is more or less what marijuana users have been doing for a long time.


Finding the Right Medication For Each Patient


The fact that even opium won’t help everyone is one of the most punishing realities of taking it. There are patients who have taken opiate medication and they haven’t managed to relieve their pain. Opiate medication is not going to get to the fundamental cause of the pain, but it can make pain of any kind much more manageable. For the people who are struggling to just get through the day, using  medication of any kind will make all the difference, even if it isn’t a cure.


There are patients who have also taken medical marijuana with nothing to show for it. Then again, there are also plenty of patients who do take medical marijuana, and it more or less gives them their lives back. People are all different, and it’s important to note that no one is going to get all of the same results from the same medication. When treating almost any disease, including mental health conditions, patients are in a situation where they have to try a lot of different medications in order to find something that is going to work for them. Medical marijuana could offer them success at last.


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