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Your Medical Marijuana Evaluation Appointment

Welcome to PureCann, the local Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Doctors.  We evaluate patients for medical cannabis cards.  We also offer pain management evaluation and management, at clinics in Santa Cruz, CA.  PureCann doctors are professional, licensed by the state of California, and compassionate.

The Marijuana Evaluation Process for New Patients

Being evaluated for a California medical marijuana card qualification to utilize medicinal cannabis is like standard medicinal evaluations performed by general doctors. When you come in for your visit, you will be asked to fill out a Patient Intake Packet. You will meet with the California Board Licensed doctor, who will perform a medical history and physical exam. Your past medical records will be reviewed. If you don’t have medical records with you, you can request them from the current or past medical doctor.  The PureCann 420 Evaluations doctors will perform a history and focused physical examination for each patient.  Once we determine if your condition is qualified under the California Medical Marijuana law and the doctor has decided that you could benefit from the use of cannabis, you will be issued a medical marijuana recommendation. The M.D will then discuss the onset, risks and benefits of medication, the types of cannabis, their uses, & methods of use.  Finally, we will plan a follow up visit.

You bring any and all medical records, medication bottles, xray/mri reports, doctor’s payment or inability paperwork with you to your visit. We review see previous medical history when evaluating patients for medicinal cannabis and under the California State Marijuana Laws. We do marijuana evaluations the right way and ask that you furnish the correct paperwork to document your condition for medical marijuana use.

The Marijuana Evaluation Process for Renewal Patients

The same as above – except as follows: you MUST bring your previous cannabis recommendation and it must be expired only within the 30 days.  Even if it is expired, we except previous recommendations as a medical record.

What you Should Bring to Your Doctor’s Visit

*current California picture ID (not lapsed)

*if you don’t have California-issued ID, carry any picture ID (travel permit, permit from an alternate state) and two manifestations of residency (for instance a telephone bill, lease, pay stub, bank proclamation – they must show a CA address)

*medical records from your doctor OR your primary care doctor – this might be from check-ups, surgeries, xray results, incapacity paperwork, prescriptions – anything that archives your condition and medication

*Previous medical cannabis recommendation, even if expired to account for any medical records.


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