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anxiety medical marijuana

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How Can Medical Marijuana Help Anxiety

Anxiety are mental health issues that raise a lot of debate, and one thing prevalent is that many people don’t understand that these are problems that can be cured permanently. Having temporary low mood is no qualification you are suffering from anxiety, but when anxiety kicks in, your entire life is affected and even those near you will start to discover changes.

People who are diagnosed with anxiety might fear leaving their homes and this could keep them from building relationships that would lead to benefiting interactions. However, if you know someone battling anxiety, you should be confident to introduce them to medical marijuana. CBD for anxiety could help such a person to recover from anxiousness.  Patients can also explore some of the best strains for anxiety / panic attacks.  

Medical marijuana in the treatment of anxiety

Using medical marijuana for treatment is an effective solution to anxiety that works better than most conventional medicines. The relief of symptoms begins immediately and it could be used to fight anxiety even when it has reached acute levels. Most importantly, marijuana does not require dosing, so you might not notice any side effects when you consume in large amounts. Medical marijuana can also be used along with other therapies for improved results.

One of the benefits of taking marijuana for the alleviation of anxiety is that it promotes clear thinking. You are able to make decisions easier after using marijuana to reduce anxiety. Many medicines that are used in the treatment of anxiety are known to have side effects and often cloud judgment while also slowing down one’s thought and reaction times.

According to a study conducted by Institute of Psychiatry, CBD showed to have anxiety psychiatric potential that included use as an antidepressant compound. While conducting the study, animals that were given CBD achieved lower levels of anxiety across a series of tests compared to those that did not get injected with CBD. This showed that CBD decreased subjective anxiety.

CBD and THC balance for anxiety

Indica or sativa for anxiety?  Indica has higher amounts of CBD and THC is more prevalent in sativa cannabis strains.  CBD and THC are the two most important ingredients in marijuana that spark reactions when you take the substance for medication. What you have to note is that although THC helps in the treatment of anxiety, when consumed in excessive amounts it might cloud judgment and worsen one’s situation. On the other hand, CBD helps you to achieve a balance to THC. When each is taken in the right amounts, you will get positive results without sparking the sense of fear. Some patients also benefit from edibles for anxiety as well.  Medical marijuana for treating anxiety should contain high amounts of CBD for effectiveness.  

Human studies prove medical marijuana reduces anxiety

Brazilian researchers set up a study including patients that suffered from generalized social anxiety and after taking CBD, most of these patients reported impressive decrease in anxiety. The subjective reports of the patients were validated through brain scans that showed flow patterns that signaled an anti-anxiety trend. There are just many other studies that have been conducted in this area and it has been seen medical marijuana is a powerful treatment option among those suffering from anxiety.  Patients can get a medical marijuana card for anxiety online or the telephone.


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