7 Questions You Should Ask Your Cannabis Dispensary

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How is your cannabis grown?

Cannabis is sometimes grown indoors using hydroponics or aeroponics in the modern world, particularly in urban environments. Some cannabis will be grown in the soil in a more conventional manner. If the cannabis was grown in the soil, people will have to be mindful of the pesticides that were used during the growth process.

The growers should keep animals away from the cannabis at all of its stages of development, or people might find that the cannabis that they’ve purchased is contaminated with animal hair. It is not yet possible for cannabis to be certified organic by USDA standards legally. However, some growers still do favor organic methods. Asking the dispensary about the exact manner in which the cannabis is grown can make all the difference.

What types of strains do you offer?

Ideally, there should be multiple strains available for the people who want them. There might be some strain names that are hard to recognize for individual users. However, the important thing is that there are lots of strains available. This means that users will have an easier time figuring out the strains that will work for them.

Do you offer other products besides cannabis flower?

Some people will find that tincture and salve will be more effective for them. These products will be less likely to cause psychoactive consequences for most people involved. Many people want edible products, which tend to have effects that will really last. It’s a good idea to get some accurate information on the CBD and THC content of any edibles and any other products.

What are your prices?

This seems like a straightforward question. However, the cannabis business is not as established as many others at present. The dispensary absolutely must supply the cannabis products that the person in question paid for right away. At no point should people just hope that they will get the cannabis products after paying for them. People do not have to haggle over the price. However, they should still be aware of the price on every product. Getting an understanding of the per unit price, if applicable, can help.

Do you have your medicine lab tested? What do you test for? How often?

Cannabis products will be tested for a wide range of different reasons. People are mostly trying to make sure that the products are safe and that they are relatively free of contaminants. Cannabis products tend to be tested for the presence of herbicides, bacteria, pesticides, viruses, mold, yeast, fungus, and even animal hair.

It isn’t always necessary to test for the presence of all of these contaminants. However, the dispensary should test for at least some of these contaminants. Getting an understanding of their testing schedule is equally important, since it should give people an idea of just how safe the products are. Products that are tested too infrequently still may be contaminated. People who live in certain US states will not have to worry about this as much, because some states have laws favoring regular testing for medical marijuana.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Some services will be able to deliver to their customers, especially since plenty of people with disabilities use medical marijuana. There may be delivery charges and they might be high or low. It should be noted that plenty of otherwise great services still will not offer delivery services. However, some cannabis users still might need a delivery service, and they should not stick with a dispensary that will not truly work for them in a world where there really are a lot of options.

Do you provide any cannabis education resources?

Many dispensaries will offer resources like this. They will often work specifically with the people who need medical marijuana as well. It’s always a good sign when a dispensary offers educational resources of some kind. It tends to mean that the dispensary is willing to be open about the products. Educational resources can help a lot of people answer many of the other questions that they might have in advance, including information related to the cannabis strains. Being more informed about any product will help, and cannabis is important medicine for a lot of users.

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