5 Things to Know Before Using Medical Cannabis for Pets

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Nowadays, marijuana is a growing business as more states give medical marijuana the green light, some even legalizing its recreational use. It is not only humans who use cannabis as the market has also introduced edible capsules and treats that pet owners can give their aging or furry friends. Many professional vets recommend CBD (cannabidiol) products for managing an extensive array of ailments in both cats and dogs from lack of appetite to anxiety. However, before investing in marijuana for your pets, they are some things you must know like:

1. It is Illegal for Vets to Prescribe Marijuana to Pets

It is unfortunate that even though the cannabis products have beneficial effects on the pets, a majority of states bar vets from prescribing the medicines. In some places, they are not even supposed to counsel pet owners about the medical uses of cannabis. Most of the professionals risk their licenses, criminal prosecution, or disciplinary action when they get involved in the treatment of animals with hemp or marijuana.

2. Do not give Pets the same Dosage as Humans

Many pet owners make the mistake of treating their furry friends like little people when given them cannabis products. It is an invitation for disaster because it frequently ends up in overconsumption which possesses severe health risks in the pets. It is advisable that you only shop for the appropriate product for the needs of your animal and start small observing any side effects before increasing dosage to be on the safe side.

3. You can use Marijuana to Treat Arthritis, Anxiety, and Cancer in Pets

Cannabis can be utilized cure the same health conditions in pets that are used to treat humans. Studies reveal that marijuana for your pets has proven highly effective in treating the ailments in cats and dogs. Worth noting is that if it is used right, it is an incredibly versatile drug. Reports also show that you can use it to treat other ailments such as lack of sleep & appetite, irritable bowel syndrome, and noise phobia among many others.

4. There Are Plenty of Marijuana Products to Explore

Apparently, your dog or cat will not puff to get the benefits of marijuana. It is not something to worry about because there are plenty of options in regards to edibles for your animals. These include soft chews, biscuits, oils, and a lot more which offer easy ways to medicate the furry friends.

5. Marijuana Products for Pets still not FDA Approved

Despite the fact that there are numerous success stories for marijuana for your pets, FDA has not yet approved the new drugs for animals. It implies that marketing the products violates the Federal Act.  As you look into marijuana products for your pets, it helps to remember that you should not smoke around them because they can also get high through secondary smoke. The intensity of the high typically depends on the amount of smoke they inhale and can have similar effects as that of humans where a pet can decide to lie around all day or run around without any breaks.

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