5 Reasons for Having a Medical Marijuana Card In California in 2018

california medical marijuana cards 2018

With the Proposition 64 coming into effect, you might think this marks the end of medical marijuana. Many people were initially searching for the best place to get a medical marijuana in California, but since recreational use was legalized, some of them believe they no longer need a medical card going forward. However, there are still strong reasons you should apply for a medical marijuana card in California. Here are five you might want to know about.

1. Enjoy peace of mind
Even with all the laws and regulations put in place to ensure you can buy recreational marijuana without breaking the law, there is still stigma that surrounds cannabis. This may make you afraid to carry marijuana outside of your home, but with a medical marijuana card, you will not need to worry about anything. It gives you protection from the police, meaning you cannot be arrested or fined, as long as you are not violating any rules.

2. Better dispensary access
In spite of legalization, individual jurisdictions will determine whether cannabis businesses will be allowed to open shops in your area. Cities and counties reserve the right to limit the running of dispensaries, and a lot of areas are already suffering due to such restrictions. So, you might not readily access recreational marijuana. With a California medical card, you can access dispensaries near you.

3. No taxes imposed
Users of recreational marijuana will be hit worst by taxes. Both producers and sellers will need to pay taxes, and the additional cost is passed on to you as the consumer, which means for the same amount of marijuana you will be paying up to 45 percent more than someone getting medical marijuana. Don’t forget there is the 15 percent excise levy, sales tax charged by states, and cultivation taxes. Medical card holders will be required to pay no sales tax, hence lower prices for the product.

4. You can grow more plants
If there are no dispensaries near where you live, the next option you have is to grow marijuana. Recreational consumers are allowed up to 6 plants, but MMJ card holders are able to enjoy the luxury of planting on a 100 square feet space. That is a lot of space and you can produce enough for your needs at a cheaper price.

5. Lower age requirement
One of the requirements to get a medical card in California is to comply with the age restrictions put in place. Medical marijuana users are allowed to get a card from 18 years of age. Recreational consumers are supposed to be aged 21 years or more to be allowed to possess and consume marijuana, so if you are between 18 and 21 your best bet is getting a medical marijuana card in California.

Where can I get a medical card near me?
You don’t need to worry about physically visiting dispensaries for your application to be processed. You can easily apply online as long as you follow California medical card rules. What you need is your medical history together with your qualifying condition and the reason you think you will benefit from medical marijuana. The clinic might call you for further mmj 420 evaluation.

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